Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm still here!

Just been taking things quietly ... well as much as I can with two rascals running about yelling & screaming!
Remember I made some vouchers for Lyndon for his birthday earlier in the year? (You can see them all here.) Well I think it's fairly safe to say that this particular one has been redeemed!!!

Hummmmm ... ;-) Baby number 3 is on its way! Lets just say it's been making it's presence felt to me pretty much 24/7. I have come to the conclusion that it must have been a bloke that started the term "morning sickness" because there's no way it's just contained to the mornings for me. I've been sooo soooo sooo tired this time round ... unbelievably so actually. And I am so over the vomiting ... but I keep telling myself that yes I really would like this baby & it's what I wanted, so I just have to put up with it! LOL And if it's like the other two then I have another 10 weeks or so of constant nausea and vomiting to enjoy! But other than that all is good, baby is doing all he/she should ... I am just over 3 months and already need to seriously do something about my wardrobe! That means shopping and I don't enjoy clothes shopping! :(
So that's the reason why things have been a bit slack round here! The bare minimum has been done ... the last couple of months I have been taking the kids to school then coming back home and sleeping for a couple of hours hehehee :-) I'm making the most of it because they only have a month left of school!
With my other two pregnancies I used seabands for morning sickness. But for some reason during our move here I only had one in my drawer! (weird) So Lyndon bought me some more recently, but because it's so hot and I think they are a little bit tighter than my original ones, my wrists and fingers swell, and I get really sore thumbs! So have put them aside for now and trying to combat the nausea with eating hehehee (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!).
So that's the news from this neck of the woods ... not very exciting at the moment ... but will be exciting in May :-)
Thanks for visiting & I will try and be a little bit more regular on the blogging than I have been!!!


Penny said...

{HUGS} from me - very exciting news! I'm just a teensy bit jelly but not of the morning sickness ;-) All the best for the pregnancy too :-)

yay yay yay yay!

bee said...

Rachel!!! oh my!! YAYYYYYY...congratulations. I must do a voucher cause been having no sign of no 2.

all the best ya..with the heat and sudden rainpour and humidity.

topkatnz said...

What do you mean not exciting!?? Big baby hugs to you my darling. and guess what??I think you have found what might be sign of madness no.3!LOL - well, it would be for me for sure! Hope the sickness eases up a bit - the humidity is bound to be making it worse.xxoo

aussiehen said...

Before I even opened your post I thought 'Hmmmm haven't heard from Rachel in a while I wonder if she's pregnant?" and I was right LOL
Congratulations and I hope the ms eases soon. I found the bands caused my hands to swell and get sore as well.
Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rachael...*hugs* Hope this will make u feel better.

Serene Ho said...

Congratulations dear friend! I'm sure Aaron and Maddison are thrilled! Keep well and enjoy the pregnancy! Hugs * Kisses

Yeong Shong said...

Congratulations......i guess we will be seeing layouts on this pregnancy.

APK said...

Great news Rachel! I too wondered why we haven't had any posts recently :) Enjoy the next couple of months and hope you are feeling better soon.

littlefrizz said...

I've been waiting to hear that news ... woo hoo ...go you !!! Congratulations to you both ... best you don't have too many hanky panky vouchers lying around waiting to be redeemed in the future ... lol!!!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh wow!! Congrats to you all! Hope the sickness eases :) Ok going to my happy place now so I don't think about you guys redeeming the hanky panky voucher!!! lol

teacher jessy said...

Congrats to you!! Take care & enjoy ur pregnancy ;)

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

:) and you know what I meant about my earlier statement....ROFL!!! Dont sweat it k! you've got an excuse to literally pig away!!!

Penelope Gan said...

Oh they work for travel motion sickness as well... wow! The things you learn from a pregnant woman!

Russell and Denise said...

Oh thats wonderful! Sorry about the unwell part can relate to that. Yuck! Will look forward to seeing you as you and your family grow! Hugs