Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snippets from the last few days ...

I've had a few laughs the last week or so with things the kids have said! Thought I'd share some of them here.
I picked Maddison up from school on Friday and she was wearing this headband she'd made. (She wouldn't let me take a photo of her though so this was the best I got!). Anyway when I said to her "wow that's pretty cool, did you make it?" She informs me "it's pretty Mummy"!! And flounces off! lol (everything is pretty for her at the moment!)

Aaron has started to tell me how good he is at things. Bit of a laugh really. For example we'll be sitting down for a meal and he'll say "Aaron's eating up really well Mummy isn't he?!!!" ;-) (usually said when I am telling Maddison to put the next spoonful in her mouth!)
He'll get up in the morning and tell me "Aaron had a really big sleep last night didn't he Mummy! Maddison was naughty and woke me up!" LOL (not usually the case but I suppose it adds to his story heheee)
If Maddison has done #2's in her nappy he'll come running, usually yelling at the top of his voice, "Mummy Maddison's done poos, Aaron doesn't do poo's in his pants does he!!
So you can plainly see that I have the perfect son! LOL (not) ;-) All interesting though.
Last night I was getting them up to the table for tea and Aaron poked my tummy and said "Mummy's got a fat tummy!" (I need to have serious words with him about that I think! lol) Anyway I said "yes it was a bit fat, but it wasn't just all fat! (I wish anyway) There is actually a baby in Mummy's tummy, and it's just little now, but it's keeping safe in there and growing". So he lifts my top and looks a bit then laughs and says "Baby tummy"!! Then of course Miss Copycat pipes up and says "I see, I see, I see Mummy's baby tummy". LOL What is worrying that if he thinks I am "fat" now, what's he going to think in another 5-6 months!!!
Snapped pics of the kids sleeping last night just because I could. Have a LO in mind ... just need my mojo to come back! (If you have borrowed it then send it back please because you've had it long enough! ;-) !!)

Today the kids aged 4 and above at the kids school went on a bus trip to "Rimba Ilmu" - Forest of Knowledge at the Botanic Garden at the University of Malaya in KL. It's all Aaron has talked about the last few days, he's been VERY excited about it. The went by bus, did a "forest" (not allowed to call it "bush" Aaron told me) walk then back to school. They had to wear their uniform and Aaron doesn't like his so I haven't bothered with it ... but I dug out his top and he just wore that with some navy shorts so he didn't look too out of place. Only trouble was the top is a bit small, so every now and again he was showing his navel hehehee The also had to wear socks and proper shoes! (well he doesn't have sneakers so had to make do with his crocs). Love the squinty eyed pose!

And Miss Copycat again ... because Aaron had a hat and socks she had to as well! She's with her little friend S.
And Aaron & Y sitting waiting before they walked down to the bus.
And they are off! I think it would have been a bit like trying to manage a bunch of unruly monkeys with 2 bus loads of kids aged between 4 and 5!!! Would have liked to been a fly on the wall actually!
Aaron waving goodbye to me from his seat on the bus :-)
When I picked them up from school I asked how his trip went and he was very excited (still) about going on the bus. So I asked what did he see at the forest. "Ummmmm we saw lots of trees Mummy!" hehehee of course how silly of me to even ask! I asked if he saw anything else. He had to think a bit and so I asked if he saw any birds ... then he said "yes we saw some birds and butterflies and ants, and an ant crawled all over my hand!" Ahhh what a highlight! ;-)
Right I am off to bed now. Thanks for visiting :-)


topkatnz said...

nice to hear that you have such a perfect son!heehee - and a least you've got a good excuse for a bit of extra padding at the moment!

Penny said...

LOL at Aaron - oh yes, he's so good. ;-) He must be looking for affirmation.

I also giggled at the baby tummy thing. Lydia often checks out my tummy and asks if there is a baby there. Tim told me that he was "planted in your tummy and then I was born first". I'm not sure if he's grasped the fact that he and Lydia weren't there at the same time.

Kids always look so innocent when sleeping. Hope you find some mojo soon. Mines gone walkabout too.

Penelope Gan said...