Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The camera has had an airing!

Just a quick catch up of this week so far!
Monday ... I actually made it clothes shopping while the kids were at school. If you know me or read my blog, I've mentioned before it's a chore to me. I hate clothes shopping. Shopping for maternity clothes is even worse I have discovered! Especially here! I wanted some tops and some skirts ... sounds easy huh! My only stipulation was that they had to last the remainder of my pregnancy (e.g. fit!) and the skirts were to be below my knees! Huh ... what a joke. The first shop I went to had 3 styles of skirts, all of which were about 30cm long ... I won't even try and imagine myself wearing such a thing, so don't you bother! (Hideous comes to mind!). The tops ... all were blouses really in the same style - lots of different colours and patterns with the only other difference being that some had buttons, some didn't, some had collars, some didn't, some had pockets, some didn't! Huh ... anyway I found 3 that would do. (Actually by that stage I was so brassed off that they didn't have longer skirts I just wanted to grab the first things that fitted!)
Second shop ... well there was more of a selection in the tops ... so I got a t-shirt. But the skirts ... much the same story. They did have a couple of longer ones, which the shop assistant insisted would fit me (big joke ... couldn't even get it up over my thighs let alone my hips!). I did buy one skirt - it's sort of calf length I suppose, but it definitely won't last till the end of the pregnancy!
My question is ... how on earth do other 'curvy', 'generously' built, 'lush' ladies manage?? Especially when they are pregnant? I mean seriously ... I know more than half the female population here don't have bottoms or hips to speak of ... but what about the ones that do?
Anyway I will try another shop I've seen and if I have no luck then I think my best bet is to go fabric shopping and get something made! So that was my shopping trip ... I had to console myself with a pretzel at Auntie Annies on the way home hehehe (that will help with the lushness LOL)!!
Yesterday the kids helped the maid clean the mirrors while I did my hair before going to school! I think the mirrors ended up dirtier than they were to start with actually LOL

And today ... I took the camera to school mainly to get some pics of Maddison at school doing her thing! I have in mind a double LO for her album like this one I did for Aaron.
Concentrating colouring in ... something she's actually very good at compared to other kids her age and she just loves. (I can't recommend Crayola Washable Crayons enough!!!!) :-)

Showing off her circles & star she's coloured in on the Christmas tree to a little friend.
This is her 'partner in crime' hehehee. Sorry you can't see Z's face but I haven't got permission from her parents ... but you can see the sneaky look on Maddison's face and Z had a very cheeky look hehee They get up to lots of mischief together!!!
On Wednesday's at school they have a gym session. Because I was there Maddison didn't want to participate in anything until the climbing activity! (Apparently it's her favourite!)
"Look at me Mummy"
And jumping ... now I know why both the kids love jumping on our bed!!

Teacher lining them up to talk back to class.
Listening very intently to music and watching the flash cards the teacher was holding up.
Music was forgotten when she saw this activity toy ... so when she was busy with that I sneaked away :-)
And here's Aaron doing counters ... he had to put the numbers in order, then put the correct amount of little green counters beside each number.
Okay I am out of here. We have a train track to build! ;-)
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Penelope Gan said...

Maddison is looking really pretty and more grown up - but of course silly Penny! Kids are growing.

Have you tried Mother Care love? They may have more sensible stuff. Modern Mom (I think) isn't too bad either, but I tell for sure in the size department for the latter.

topkatnz said...

Sari's are an excellent look!!LOL OR you could join the NZ boys movement and just go naked this summer - heehee

Penny said...

OOoo feel your pain about the clothes thing. Bad enough when not pregnant! I suppose it would be too hideous to order stuff from here online. Anyone planning to visit you from here soon? Maybe they could take some over... you and I are similar shape and size so I could try them on. Though I am a bit taller I think.

Come to think of it, I still have 1 skirt left that I could post over if you're keen.

Serene Ho said...

i have a hard time buying clothes my size and I'm not even pregnant! LOL! but good you managed to find some. always love to hear about Aaron and Maddison. They have grown.