Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Class ...

But I'm teaching this one! ;-)
A Crop.Arty : Card Making #2 at Scrap-n-Crop on Saturday afternoon, 12 December 2009. You can check out the details here.
Here's a sneak at some of the products & tools we'll be using! Look at them ALL!!! It's going to be fun :-)

The great thing about this class is that although it's Christmas themed, the techniques we'll be using can be adapted/applied for any occasion.
To sign up click here. :-)


Serene Ho said...

oh man...why do i get to miss this all the time? LOL! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun showing teaching them!

Penelope Gan said...

Have fun gal! Too bad I won't be there but will try to think of all of you despite the frozen brain cells - reality is beginning to sink in for me. :'(

Cindy Lee said... much stuff and looks like lots of fun! Good luck with your class!