Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countdown for the New Year ...

50 minutes to go! Well in this neck of the woods anyway :-)
This morning while I was doing my hair and Mum was in her room Aaron was very busy getting breakfast organised!! He ran into Grandma's room and gave her a chocolate bar and said "here you are Grandma I think this is yours!!" and skittered back out to the kitchen again. Mum came and got me and we went out to find this ... he had got everything that looked interesting to him out of the fridge and put it on the table ready for breakfast, then got the cracker tin and managed to get it open and was helping himself and chucking one to Maddison!! :-) I had to grin because he's just like his father ... he had the cream out and the chocolate sauce. heheehee And the juice ... that was the "very nice milk" :-) Oh and the apple on the jam jar ... "I found it Grandma! I found the apple, it rolled on the ground, I found it!" (meaning when he was busy disrupting the order of the fridge the apple fell out!)
Needless to say we didn't have that all for breakfast ... the kids had porridge & yogurt, I had egg and toast and Mum had cereal, fruit & yogurt.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the playground and had fun with the bubble machines ... I think Maddison sucked a lot more than she should have! but she had fun anyway :-)

Here's a little muffin recipe book I made for a friend. They saw the little one I made here and said it was very cool and would like to have a try at making muffins one day. So this was their Christmas present :-)
I used 6x6 chipboard for the pages, covered it in Florish paper and used scrap cardstock to make the "pockets" for the recipe cards. The embellishments are all Florish stickers as well (except for the wooden jar of utensils on the front cover). (Took me less than 3 hours from start to finish!) Sorry my photography skills aren't the best ... I am still in major learning mode with my new camera. I need to sit down and read the manual I think!!
Back cover
1st 2 pages
3rd & 4th pages showing recipe card removed
5th & 6th pages

So I'll leave you with that ... and I'll scamper off. Having trouble keeping my eyes open.
We wish you all the very best for 2009 ... hope it's a super year for you all. :-)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another catch up ...

before the end of the year is here! The days are just zipping along ... Mum has been here over half her time already :-(
So ... here's what we've been up to since Friday (and so I remember what's what for my Dec album ... I have done a quite few pages, but only about half a dozen are actually complete!).
Friday 26th ... yes Aaron, the chocolates are all gone from the chocolate advent calendar!!! :-)

Can't actually remember right now what we did Friday and Saturday ... complete memory blank ... must be too late at night! Can't have been exciting anyway! Think we just had lazy days at home.
Sunday night we went out for tea with Irene and her sisters to a Chinese seafood restaurant. Very yummy.

We enjoyed the company and the food and for the kids, these ride on toys were the highlight for them!
And this Cayman.

Monday was a public holiday, so Lyndon and Aaron went off by taxi in the morning to do some watch shop browsing!! And after lunch and Maddison's sleep Mum, Maddison & I went to a mall and Lyndon and Aaron met us there. Finding a park was just ridiculous ... took us about half an hour, maybe even longer. But we found one eventually. Here's a pic of us ... Maddison a box of birds chewing on a pretzel and Aaron totally zonked out (the watch shopping must have been exhausting!) heheee
We went to a Japanese restaurant for tea and afterwards Maddison saw us using tooth picks so she wanted one too. I gave her a broken chopstick! :-) She thought she was just so clever.

Found this merry go round on the way out to the car, so the kids had to have a go on that (a complete waste of money ... RM2 for about 5 turns!).

When we got home I got Maddison to try on a new swim outfit I got in a sale. So Aaron had to try on his new one that Nana & Grandad sent him for Christmas too! They fit very nicely thank you very much :-)
Maddison's ones ... well lets just say I really don't understand the sizing over here ... the top is size 4 and the pants are size 8!!! She's 17 months old (okay she's wearing a nappy, but hello! Size 8? I don't think so!) Mum is going to take the sleeves up on the top ... they're a tad long :-)
Here they are this morning having morning tea on the stools that they got from Uncle A & Aunty R and boys :-) Thanks so much ... they have been carted around all over the place and Aaron has discovered if he puts it close to the Christmas tree he can reach all the little precious ornaments!!!

I have done some scrapping other than my December Daily album, but it's for a gift, so will post it once I've actually given it to the person ... a late Christmas present!!
Here's some more sneak peaks of what I've done with the January kit for Scrap-n-Crop which goes on sale on 1 January.
You can see the rest of the sneaks here that Sharmaine & I have done.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope you've all had a wonderful day.
We have :-) Been thoroughly spoilt and enjoyed delicious food!! Just going to do a quick recap of the day with some pictures thrown in!
Late night last night ... busy wrapping the last of the presents and putting them under the tree. The kids were funny this morning ... took them quite a while to notice the presents where there ... but oh boys when they did there was trouble! They were only allowed to open 1 present before breakfast ... very hard to stop little fingers fingering and oh so carefully, accidentally on purpose, pulling wrapping off!!!

Aunty Irene came for breakfast ... which was at 8am. We had a yum breakie which I forgot to take a photo of! (silly me). Nice crusty bread, cream cheese, basil pesto, tomatoes, cereals, yoghurt, strawberries, mango, melon, hot chocolate and coffee (oh and cold water for me!) :-)
The present opening began pretty much as soon as the kids had finished breakfast and we'd cleared the table!! Here's Aaron with his first present and the expression was pretty much the same for all presents after that! lol Such excitement!!!

And Maddison was much the same!

And of course there was a bit of this ... Maddison trying to help (actually she was just trying to take the wrapping paper away to put in the rubbish bag but Aaron thought she was after his Thomas track!!).
Hugs for the dolly that Grandad & Nana gave her :-) (Thank you)
VERY DEEP CONCENTRATION going on here with Aaron's most bestest favouritest present ... a "laptop" from Grandad and Grandma!! It's a Hot Wheels game laptop ... it's already had about 3 time out sessions today!!! (I suspect it will have a lot more too!!)
And look what Father Christmas (or should I say Lyndon!) bought for me!!!!!!!!!! Am I spoilt or what. I am still in shock actually ... not sure what exactly I have done to deserve such a fantastic present, but whatever ... I am sure going to enjoy it! :-)
Here's Maddison checking out one of her presents wearing a new dress from Nana & Grandad and a hat from us.
We went out for lunch (back to that Chocolate place!!) hehehe. Very yum ... Here's the kids enjoying their shared chocolate drink again. (new camera in action here!)

And this was my dessert ... that chocolate sauce was just delicious :-)

So there you have it. We got home about 4ish. Irene left soon after that and we've just lazed around, had tea, bathed the kids, put them to bed, done the dishes and now I'm about to head to bed myself.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update ...

We are back ... had an absolutely fantastic time away. Didn't really want to leave actually. :-)
Just a few pics of what the kids got up to over the weekend and then some from the last couple of days ... my Daily Album is getting further and further behind! (Ekkkk ... hope to have time after Christmas to do a bit of a catch up.)
Watching some ships on the horizon ...

Then discovering the water comes up to our shoes!!! Fancy that :-)

Playing in the sand ... little miss copying little mr!

Coming home on Sunday afternoon the traffic was pretty bad ... we got really held up around a toll gate - took us an hour to go one (1) kilometre!!! Can you believe it!
Yesterday we had a relaxing day around home. Had some visitors to stay, so just enjoyed our time with them and didn't get too much done! Had another potluck tea that night at some friends, so spent a bit of time in the afternoon making an impossible pie and 4 (yeah 4!!!) pav rolls. This time I made sure they were all exactly the same! hehee
Today was an early start as Lyndon dropped our visitors off to catch a bus around 8am then he went on to work. Maddison has been in a bothersome mood all day, not sure exactly what her problem is but she seems to have had several issues!! LOL She had a sleep in the morning, but didn't seem to make much difference!
While she was sleeping Aaron did a spot of painting! He was SOOO excited to paint those wooden Christmas baubles I got a couple of weeks ago. Didn't get time to finish them today, so maybe tomorrow. I've decided I am not quite brave enough to let Maddison near the paint, so these will be Aaron's works of art for the tree :-)
Then in the afternoon we went swimming. Maddison doesn't have swim arm bands yet (I think they are on Santa's list!), but she had such fun with the swim ring on. Aaron was just his usual crazy self bucking around the pool in Maddison's swim ring we got her last Christmas!

Lyndon's back at work tomorrow too, but he's letting us have the car (we have a few last minute things to purchase before Christmas Day!).
So that's us. Don't know if I will be back with an update before Christmas, so if not hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Santa is good to you :-) heheee
Here's a sneak peak at what I have done with the Scrap-n-Crop January kit. :-)

Garden Affair

My LO's and cards have gone up on the Kinda Sweet blog, so I can share them here now :-) I made 2 LO's and 12 cards from the kit ... so it goes a long way. You can purchase the kit here. I only used one of those cool die cut circles on a card ... but they are really cool, I have some more ideas in my head to use them!
A fun kit ... lots of flowers :-) And yep, you can do flowers on LO's of little boys!! The cuttlebug had a work out with stuff from this kit too :-)

Cards ...