Friday, January 28, 2011

It was all about the monkeys!

This morning Mum, Aunty Ruth and I went to Batu Caves. I have been there a few times so today I mainly took pics of the monkeys! Was disappointing to see so much rubbish about and poop! Disgusting really - pigeon poop, monkey poop, dog poop, and even worse a used baby diaper left on the stairs! I wish people would be responsible with their rubbish!
Climbing the stairs there were several monkeys perched on these lights.
And the newel knobs on the stairs.
People were feeding them bananas!
This one with the crazed eyes (heheee) was sucking what banana was left on the skin.

Every now and again there would be a bell ringing at one of the temples and the monkeys would come scampering down the cliff face. This one had a little baby clinging very tightly to her.

She got given a banana too.
Look at the size of the baby's ears! heheee

This monkey had been checking out one of the piles of rubbish.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Life 2011

Here's a couple more pics from yesterday and today for my 2011 our life album.
The kids were "supposed" to be practicing their cutting skills, but it ended up in a colouring session instead! Oh well it kept them quiet for nearly an hour so that was great. :-)

Food stall at the local market we bought our dinner from tonight.

I am doing okay keeping up with my album - not able to print out my photos at home though which is a real pain in the doo-dar! Yesterday I got some printed at a photo shop so I am up to date as of yesterday, just have to do the journaling for this week. I will get around to taking some pics of my album at some stage to show you!
Tomorrow's pic is going to be of Batu Caves for sure. I am taking Mum and Aunty Ruth there in the morning. Hopefully it won't be too hot climbing all those stairs!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

I am so not ready for this ...

This morning I put some toys in Samuel's cot while I got breakfast started and I could hear him chatting away on the baby monitor. Then he started squealing ... excited squealing .... very pleased with himself squealing!! This is what I found!
8 months old and 11 days!

Look Mum only one hand!
Today he's been pulling himself up on the furniture and he's had so many crashes! Tiles have their advantages when it comes to cleaning up food and sick, but it's not very forgiving on little heads!
I just looked back because I knew I had blogged when Maddison first started pulling herself up on furniture and she wasn't quite 8 months old! She was crawling properly though - Samuel is still getting out commando style (he's very fast at it too!).
Very scary!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A trip to China Town

On Friday I was able to take Mum and Aunty Ruth to Central Market and Chinatown without the kids :-) On the drive into town Mum was able to get some photos of the Kings new palace (every other time we have driven this way the camera has been in the boot).

New road ways into the palace.

Typical street scene in the city ... cars & motorbikes waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Driving under the mono rail.
Lanterns hung in preparation for Chinese New Year celebrations.
Chinatown was very quiet, with hardly any people which was so much nicer than all the jostling that you get when you visit during the evening!! Mind you we were still pestered a lot by the men trying to sell us dvds!!

We ducked in behind the hawker stalls to visit the button shop. I needed to buy a zip ... such extravagance ... 40c!! (That's like 17c in New Zealand!)

We (or should I say I) did some haggling for a handbag or three for Aunty Ruth and Mum! Can't show you the purchases though sorry ... Mum found out who Jimmy Choo is though since she bought a bag with his brand on it!! ;-)
On the way back to the car we stopped to buy some lilly's :-)

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

KL Bird Park

Thursday was a public holiday here, so we decided to visit the Bird Park in the morning. I have shown similar photos on my blog before from previous visits, but these are to show Aunty Ruth's grandkids where Granny has been :-)
Aaron was our "map reader"!
These birds watched us walk by.
Aaron desperately trying to get some "free" fish food out of the dispenser because we didn't have the right coins (Maddison even looked in the rubbish bin hehee).
They really didn't look like they needed food though!
Strolling along in the heat.
A visit to the nursery to hold some baby chicks and ducklings :-)
Samuel just wanted to grab!
Look at his grin! :-)
A Macaw.

We stopped at the Photo Booth and Mum and Aunty Ruth had their pics taken with several birds. These wise old owls just snoozed right though it all!
Samuel trying on Daddy's shades!
A penhen and her chicks
Scarlet Ibis
Aaron getting up close and personal!
A little duck - he was very used to people obviously as he didn't move when I got up close to take a pic.
At the end of our visit we watched the bird show (well some of us did and some of us watched the kids playing in the playground!) :-)
Macaw riding a bike across a tight rope.

Riding a scooter.
This Macaw was learning to ride a bike (he had a bit of a helping hand!!).
Travelling in a jeep.
And playing on on the slide.
We enjoyed it all, but were sure glad to get back in the car to the air conditioning I tell you! :-)
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Picky Sketch #4

This months sketch at Get Picky is a double LO. :-)

You know I like doing double's so I decided I would use all these little pics I had printed when I had my hair styled for our "day out" when I was back home in August 2009 (see this post if you can't remember hehee).
Dug in my paper stash and found these two papers the same (Daisy D's Paper Company). I thought they would work with the vintage theme of the day and they kinda followed the sketch ;-) (Nice to finally use these papers, I am sure I've had them for more than 5 years!)

The Amboline hair add was cut out of another piece of 12x12 paper and some more Scenic Route chipboards :-)
I wrote my journaling on a tag which I inked with vintage photo distress ink, attached a Tim Holtz Story ticket with one of his paper clips and tucked it in behind the photos.
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