Sunday, January 23, 2011

A trip to China Town

On Friday I was able to take Mum and Aunty Ruth to Central Market and Chinatown without the kids :-) On the drive into town Mum was able to get some photos of the Kings new palace (every other time we have driven this way the camera has been in the boot).

New road ways into the palace.

Typical street scene in the city ... cars & motorbikes waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Driving under the mono rail.
Lanterns hung in preparation for Chinese New Year celebrations.
Chinatown was very quiet, with hardly any people which was so much nicer than all the jostling that you get when you visit during the evening!! Mind you we were still pestered a lot by the men trying to sell us dvds!!

We ducked in behind the hawker stalls to visit the button shop. I needed to buy a zip ... such extravagance ... 40c!! (That's like 17c in New Zealand!)

We (or should I say I) did some haggling for a handbag or three for Aunty Ruth and Mum! Can't show you the purchases though sorry ... Mum found out who Jimmy Choo is though since she bought a bag with his brand on it!! ;-)
On the way back to the car we stopped to buy some lilly's :-)

Thanks for visiting.


Penny said...

one can always do with another handbag :)

annieambriel said...

Thanks for sharing..
Gosh.. I didnt know abt this button shop at Petaling Street.. where about is that ?


Mrs Frizz said...

I could do with another handbag or three ...

hmmmmmmmm ...

Shirl said...

Gosh, I haven't been to Chinatown for doggone years! I really ought to make a trip there one of these days!

LOL - I guess Annie and I are running on the same frequency... that buttons shop definitely caught my attention!