Friday, January 7, 2011

The 1st week of 2011

Has just flown past! A bit scary if the rest of the year is going to go quicker than 2010 seemed to!!
On the 1st of Jan my 3 boys (big and small) all got their hair cut :-) Lyndon's was just his usual, Aaron's because it was driving me nuts and he still won't let me cut it, so I decided he had to go to the hairdresser and get it layered a bit, and Samuel had all his long, long, long fluffy pieces of hair trimmed, especially the long pieces over his ears! (Hopefully people won't ask if he's a girl when he's all dressed in blue with cars or trucks on his tee-shirts now!!)
Samuel was sleeping in the pram, so he was last to get his hair cut - he woke about 10 minutes before they were ready for him, and unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me, so had to make do with some pics on my phone.

Can you just about hear him thinking that he loves that little face in the mirror that smiles back at him hehee :-)
After his cut sitting on Daddy's knee.
On Monday Mum and Aunty Ruth flew away for a few days to Sri Lanka and Lyndon went back to work. The kids and I have spent some time in the playground with bubble wands.

They couldn't get the idea of blowing and found it was easier to run with them :-)
Doing twirls helps too!

Maddison got a nasty bruise on her head the last day of 2010 ... she was being a bit naughty and running away from Lyndon and slipped and fell into the wall! Not sure if you can see the colour of the bruise there or not.
And on Tuesday during breakfast Aaron and Maddison were down from the table when they shouldn't have been ... I was in the kitchen and there was this crash and then some major screaming and crying. In Aaron's words "I ran that way and Maddison ran this way and we banged into each other and I don't know but Samuel fell down!" Samuel was in his baby chair ... so you can imagine the noise levels that morning with 3 screaming kids! I put arnica on Samuel's face straight away and it's not so bad actually - I really thought it would be much worse! Poor little guy.
And here's a pic of Aaron's haircut just because!
And another of Samuel sucking/chewing on a piece of apple wrapped in muslin :-)
Wednesday, Maddison started back at school.
She was pleased as anything to be going back and had a new backpack her teacher from 2009 had given her for Christmas.
Thursday and Friday she wore her butterfly wings to school :-)

This morning after Maddison went to school Lyndon, Aaron, Samuel & I went with one of Aaron's school friends to the Science Centre - they have a dinosaur display on at the moment and we thought Aaron would like to see it.
First though he and his friend had a lot of fun at the exhibits in the science part.

A GIANT marble run ... can you just imagine the excitement!
The dinosaur exhibit was good - awesome displays, but kinda scary for little kids I thought. Most of the dinos moved and all roared, so it was pretty noisy! Aaron liked looking, but didn't want to get to close to any of them!
After we'd seen all the dinos we went back to the science part of it. Here Aaron is generating electricity to make the train go round the track :-)
The mirrors were so funny ... I couldn't resist taking some pics. Look at Aaron's hair! hehehee (He looks like one of those little troll dolls with the coloured hair from the 90's) ;-)
A dwarf lady and her baby!
Hummm ... I wondered what I would look like with longer legs hehee
So that's been our 1st 7 days of 2011! I have done NO crafty stuff for ages. Hopefully I will get a chance next week when Aaron goes back to school! :-)
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~Sasha Farina~ said...

i ran that way madison ran this way.. LOL>. that was so cute!

topkatnz said...

Awhhh, Samuel is so cute at the hairdressers, and Aarons hair looks very good, much cooler with that layering. Well done.

Serene Ho said...

Ouch on the knock on Samuel's face. Hope it has healed. I love Aaron's new hairdo.

Mrs Frizz said...

A haircut sures changes a child's face ... wow, both boys look so grown up ... and you and your photos ... dwarf and long legged ... priceless.

Anonymous said...

Super cute photos!! Ouch at the bumps and bruises ... sounds like our house, somebody always has a bruise or cut or scrape or some other injury! Haha! :-)

I can't BELIEVE how big Samuel is getting! WOW!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos.. :) love the haircuts, butterfly wings, hope that bruise heals quickly, great hair raising photos at the science center.. .

Happy New Year 2011 :)

Penny said...

very cute! Hope those bumps etc heal nicely. Lydia most intrigued with "Baby Samuel".

Shirl said...

I think I actually like Aaron and Samuel with this new haircut! :) So cool!

I haven't been to the science center before...looks like a fun excursion! :)b