Saturday, January 22, 2011

KL Bird Park

Thursday was a public holiday here, so we decided to visit the Bird Park in the morning. I have shown similar photos on my blog before from previous visits, but these are to show Aunty Ruth's grandkids where Granny has been :-)
Aaron was our "map reader"!
These birds watched us walk by.
Aaron desperately trying to get some "free" fish food out of the dispenser because we didn't have the right coins (Maddison even looked in the rubbish bin hehee).
They really didn't look like they needed food though!
Strolling along in the heat.
A visit to the nursery to hold some baby chicks and ducklings :-)
Samuel just wanted to grab!
Look at his grin! :-)
A Macaw.

We stopped at the Photo Booth and Mum and Aunty Ruth had their pics taken with several birds. These wise old owls just snoozed right though it all!
Samuel trying on Daddy's shades!
A penhen and her chicks
Scarlet Ibis
Aaron getting up close and personal!
A little duck - he was very used to people obviously as he didn't move when I got up close to take a pic.
At the end of our visit we watched the bird show (well some of us did and some of us watched the kids playing in the playground!) :-)
Macaw riding a bike across a tight rope.

Riding a scooter.
This Macaw was learning to ride a bike (he had a bit of a helping hand!!).
Travelling in a jeep.
And playing on on the slide.
We enjoyed it all, but were sure glad to get back in the car to the air conditioning I tell you! :-)
Thanks for visiting.


Mrs Frizz said...

air conditioning is good!!!! I take it that it was a little bit on the hot side and a little bit sticky - lol.

Shirl said...

Samuel looks handsome with daddy's shades! :) Looks like you had a fun outing...its funny to see Aaron fishing for some free fish food, hee hee hee..