Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Life 2011

I have been looking enviously at other's completed albums of Project Life, 365, A Photo a Day etc. and after giving up trying to get one over here (price being the main factor) I decided to take the plunge and do an album myself. This might (have no idea for certain!) be our last year here in Malaysia so I thought it would be neat to look back on a photo record of our everyday living for a year. I have ordered an album (12x12 ring bound in red of course!) and an assortment of page protectors as follows ...
9 4x4 pockets
6 6x4 pockets
8 3x3 pockets and 1 6x12 pocket
3 6x4 pockets (mainly for extra pics if I really can't stick to ONE photo a day heheee)

I also plan to include receipts, maps, school notices & timetables, etc. etc. You know, the everyday stuff. I am going to pick up my album and pages on Saturday, in the mean time I am being good at putting photos into folders ready for printing and keeping receipts etc that I want to include in a "safe" place! I hope I can actually finish this and it won't end up like my 2009 December Daily album which still isn't completed (mainly because I decided to do all of Dec and Jan in one album - I am up to Christmas Day with it!) and our holiday photos from 2009 still aren't finished either! Sigh ... Oh well ... nothing like a challenge is there! :-)
So here's a pic of my laundry pile (actually I had already done a lot the day before I took this pic!) last week. The rest of last weeks pics you have ready seen.

And starting the 2nd week ... Saturday Aaron, Samuel & I walked to the new supermarket which has just opened close to us.
Our usual Sunday lunch :-)
Aaron's first day back at school on Monday for 2011 (he's holding his new lunch box which I jazzed up with some Ben 10 stickers heheee).
I think today's photo will be of my helper who is back after her holiday :-) Yay ... so glad I got that huge pile of ironing done before she came back (otherwise I think she would have turned around and gone back home when she saw it!).
Looking forward to keeping up with it and watching it progress. Will post some pics once I have got the album and have completed the first couple of weeks.
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Shirl said...

Good luck with setting up your album for 2011. I'm completely hopeless when it comes to a commitment like that. I think I can probably manage it for 2 weeks max and the poor album would be put aside, and all the stuff (photos, recepts, etc) in a big box and jumbled up, waiting to be organized :P

Penny said...

good luck with that! For me, taking the photos is one thing. Putting them in an album is quite another!