Monday, January 24, 2011

I am so not ready for this ...

This morning I put some toys in Samuel's cot while I got breakfast started and I could hear him chatting away on the baby monitor. Then he started squealing ... excited squealing .... very pleased with himself squealing!! This is what I found!
8 months old and 11 days!

Look Mum only one hand!
Today he's been pulling himself up on the furniture and he's had so many crashes! Tiles have their advantages when it comes to cleaning up food and sick, but it's not very forgiving on little heads!
I just looked back because I knew I had blogged when Maddison first started pulling herself up on furniture and she wasn't quite 8 months old! She was crawling properly though - Samuel is still getting out commando style (he's very fast at it too!).
Very scary!


Penny said...

he'll be off and away before you know it! :) Go Samuel!

topkatnz said...

gee, it does come round fast! SYMPATHIESxx

Mrs Frizz said...

Look out ... he's on the move ... big time!

and 'ouch' on the tiles.

Serene Ho said...

Wow...that's super fast to me! Better start putting on your running shoes! LOL

Shirl said...

Wow! Looks like he's looking quite steady standing on his bed! Strong arms and legs!

allthingspurple said...

they do get ever so excited when they discovered that they can stand on their own, don't they? *grin*

Darla said...

Oh, my word. Your kids are SO CUTE! I think I say that every time I pop to your blog! I can't believe Samuel is already 8 months. I am giving a friend (Lori) your blog address as you two are very similar in your scrapbooking/card making styles. I hope that's OK.