Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday ...

A little peek into what we did yesterday afternoon!
Aaron had music/keyboard class after school and I put Maddison into an art class for a trial to see how she went. After I picked them up at 2pm Maddison did this on the couch :-)

Aaron played this on the computer!

So I got busy at my scrap desk (FINALLY) and did 5 LO's (haven't done the journalling yet though!).
This one goes with the LO I showed on this post. (I can't believe I haven't scrapped any LO's since then!!)
This one isn't really a double LO, I just decided to use up the rest of the stripy paper! The independent LO I want to journal about Maddison's determination and independence on climbing the steps and coming down that big slide all by herself (she wasn't 2 then)!!

Some Tim Holtz cogs on this LO :-) (I sort of felt a bit wasteful using them, but seriously ... they are in my stash what else am I going to use them on? and besides I have another packet I haven't even opened yet LOL)!! ;-)

I am getting creative with my alpha stickers as well ... not a process I really enjoy to be honest. I don't like hashing them about to make a totally different letter! But ... so far I have restrained myself and haven't ordered any more thickers! (A certain someone isn't helping me though when she goes and blogs about a new shipment arriving in her store!!!!)
And I am having doubts about me actually fitting all these holiday LO's into ONE album! It's going to be a huge challenge ... It's three quarters full now and I've only done a month's worth! I will have to be really stingy on the foam dots and use no bulky embellishments!
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Monday, March 29, 2010


A while ago Aaron got a truck/transformer with a happy meal (from McDonalds I think). Anyway last night Lyndon asked him what the name of the transformer was and Aaron just said it was "Transformer". heheee So Lyndon told him it was an "Optimus Prime Transformer"! Aaron just gave him a funny look hehehe, so Lyndon did a google search and showed Aaron a video clip ... sigh ...
Here they are ...

No guesses as to what Aaron will be wanting to look at on the computer when he gets home from school this afternoon!!
I am procrastinating ... we have more visitors coming tonight and I have dishes to do, laundry to sort, guest room to finish tidying and need to think about what to cook for dinner! Should really do some baking as well! Better get on with it I suppose!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Toy!

My Darling Husband bought me a little massage chair last weekend. The kids think it's THEIR latest toy!! I unplug it but even Maddison has learnt (thanks to her brother!) how to plug it in and turn it on! Here's a few pics of them this morning before they went to school ... I was waiting for them to get their shoes on actually!

Hehehee Aaron pushed the button to make the seat massage and he was waiting for Maddison's reaction! ;-)
I haven't done any scrapping for over a week :( I keep looking at the pile of photos and really want to sit down and do something, but seem to find something else to do instead! Don't think I will get anything done today either because I have a bit of tidying up to do, as we've got visitors coming tomorrow.
Speaking of scraping though ... I bought this American Craft D-ring album to try. But didn't actually realise I could decorate the cover how I liked. So after much thinking and umming & ahhhing I've decided to put our 3 month holiday photos in it from NZ last year (being a ring album will make it easier to insert more pages that's for sure!!). So ... the link shows a couple of examples of decorating the covers, but does anyone else have any other ideas or have links to something they have seen? I don't want a bulky cover, I am more worried about the edges of the chipboard separating. Is there something I could do to prevent that apart from using gel medium?
I have also started sorting out baby clothes! (8 weeks to go) I have LOTS of pink things from Maddison and was actually surprised how many white or neutral singlets I had for 0-3 months. I have nothing blue at all if this little one is a boy! All Aaron's baby clothes are in storage in NZ! Mind you they probably wouldn't have been suitable anyway as they would have been winter clothes ... sure don't need that here! Oh well ... little white singlets will do for a start and if it is a boy then I can always go baby clothes shopping :-) (I don't mind that sort of clothes shopping!) ;-)
Okay off to do some tidying up before the kids get back from school.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010


On Thursday morning I attended an Apron-o-logy class at Scrappingville. Very messy with paints, acrylic inks and stamping :-) We started with a blank apron & painted it, splattered paint & acrylic ink over it then started stamping :-) Great fun. I am sitting on my chuff in this pic trying to dry the ink splats so I can start stamping.

I finished my apron last night - I tell you hand sewing is not really my thing! But I used invisible thread hehehee ... that helps hide a multitude of sins LOL The ball trim & flowers are stitched on.
Here's some close up of my flowers - last year when I was in Singapore for Creative Escape I bought 3 Donna Downey badges ... and thought to myself that they would be perfect for my apron :-)

And a tip ... don't let your 2 1/2 yr old daughter anywhere near fabric butterflies because she pulls of the antennas!!! I have stitched them on, but they just don't look the same hehehee
And had to show you this pocket - see the "wording" stamp in the top left corner - it actually says "embrace imperfection"! LOL (I had a bit much paint on the stamp ... so I am just embracing it and going with the flow!! ;-) Although I did cover up another wording stamp with the green flower because it was just totally unreadable and looked more like a big smudge!).

Really enjoyed the class ... now I just have to be brave & wear it and hope I don't get it dirty heheee :-)
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Party Princess ...

No it's not her birthday, but on Wednesday someone in her class had a party and gave out goodie bags. Amongst the goodies was a party hat which Maddison claimed was her "Princess Birthday Party Cake hat"!! hehee On Thursday morning when she woke the first thing she did was bring it to me and ask for it to be put on while she ate her breakfast! (Of course I couldn't resist taking a photo!)

Just a real quick post - hope to be back tomorrow with an apron to show you that I decorated at Scrappingville, I attended their Apron-o-logy class on Thursday morning. :-) Such fun. I am nearly finished (I so don't like hand stitching!) ;-) Plan to finish it tonight and take photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What do you think??

Do these two look like twins to you???

Choice photo of them I know - but they were both in a silly mood. Aaron didn't want to sit close to Maddison and she just wanted to kiss him! ;-) Made for a great combination I tell you.
Anyway - point is I get asked a lot from people here "are they twins?"! Ummm no! There's 2 years difference! The last two weeks I've probably been asked the question about 3 or 4 times - usually by people that live in or around our condo. Rather strange really.
So here's Maddison in her kissy mood.

I suggested to Aaron that he kiss Maddison and got a goofy look. All he would kiss was her arm! LOL

Last night we had a potluck dinner with some friends. There was some jelly squares there. Maddison quite likes jelly! ;-) (My kids are a bit deprived as I don't like jelly so they don't get it at home unless it's their birthday hehee)

Here's a close up of it ... and no if I make jelly I don't go to that effort! Wonder how long it takes to wait for each layer to set!!!!! Looks cool though.

Other random news ... Lyndon is in India - arrived there late Monday night to find his bag had been left behind in Singapore! It finally caught up with him this morning! (Mind you he's been pretty lucky - it's only the 2nd time it's happened in the hundreds of trips he's done in the last 3 years.)
I am off to the Chiropractor again to see if he can do something about my hip ... pregnancy is being very mean to my hips!!
Oh and last week at my check up with the Dr - we saw on the scan that baby #3 has heaps of hair!!! It was amazing ... I have never seen anything like it and sure don't remember seeing that on Aaron & Maddison's scans and they both had heaps of hair when they were born! Dr said it was probably really coarse hair to show up on the scan like that! (huh ... what's the chances of it being another redhead! hehee) :-)
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Scrap-n-Crop Art Retreat with Irene Tan

On Saturday I spent the day at Scrap-n-Crop's Scrap.Abode with a group of lovely ladies all there for an art retreat with Irene Tan. We altered a little "treasure" box and made a mini album for inside it. Lots of inking and stamping :-) Sure wish I could have gone to Sunday's class as well. I saw the album they were going to do and it was just gorgeous!
We decorated this little box.

The inside with the album in it.
And without the album.
The bottom of the box (see how small it is!) :-)
The album. It was a Clear Scraps one and I love how you can put their little mini albums through the cuttlebug. Looks so effective. I still have some glittering to do on my album. I didn't do it in class as I knew it wouldn't dry in time to take it home. (You will have to imagine the glitter!!)
One of the inside pages.

Now I wonder who's chair I am sitting on with that packet of chocs in front of it!! ;-) (just keeping the baby happy hehee)
Us all except for Val - she was taking the photo (thanks Val for the photo!).
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do they think this is their new school uniform?

I sure hope not!!!
Aaron is really into Ben 10 at the moment - it's driving me slightly crazy, but what's worse is that whatever he does Maddison has to do too. So he's "given" her his other Ben 10 tee-shirt and this morning they decided together that they would wear them to school! Honestly!
Aaron had his Ben 10 watch on and wanted Maddison to have one too ... some how I managed to avoid all the questions on that one. But no doubt I'll get them again! (I am NOT buying her a Ben 10 watch thank you very much!)

This pic makes me grin - Aaron gave her a hug and she just leans back (hard) and squashes him against the door and stands on his foot by the looks! hehehee

I think I can safety say she's a bit of a tom-boy! And a little scruffy one at that! hehee

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little People's Conversations ...

The last few days the kids have said some funny things, so thought I'd share them here.

The other night we had soup for dinner and Maddison was picking up the bowl and drinking from it if you please! I asked her to use her spoon and she replied ...
"It's 'licious Mummy, just 'licious"!!
(Needless to say she didn't use the spoon!)

Maddison came to me one afternoon and said rather proudly ...
"I done poo's Mummy, I stink, it's 'gusting"
I had to agree with her!

After picking up Maddison from school today we got inside and she says with a big dramatic sigh ...
"I very tired".
So I suggested she have a sleep, but that was a complete waste of words on my part!

Yesterday after picking up Aaron from his music lesson he informed me ...
"I don't like music Mummy".
"Oh why is that Aaron?"
"Cause it makes me hurt all over!"
"Really, that's not good, what is it about music that makes you hurt all over?"
"The teachers make a terrible noise"!!!
I just laughed to be honest ... I mean seriously, how can he blame it on the teachers! ;-) He makes me hurt all over too when he cranks up a loud beat on the keyboard at home and just dances around like a loony (although he says he's dancing like Ben 10!!).

And tonight Aaron informed me
"I can't go to sleep Mummy because my tummy is too big"!!
My reply was "Really ... if you think you have a big tummy and can't sleep, what about Mummy's tummy? She still manages to sleep and her tummy is a lot bigger than yours!"
He grinned at me and said
"Yeah, Mummy's tummy is going to get bigger, 'n bigger, 'n bigger and then POP and then the baby will see you!"
Well how fascinating! I sure hope it doesn't happen like that - would be awfully messy!!! He seems convinced though that this baby is going POP out anyway.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Not much happening around here. I have done a few more LO's (without journaling!) for our holiday album. Here's a couple.
A double LO - but in between this I am going to put a sleeve that holds 12 6x4 photos because I had FAR too many photos of this particular outing but really wanted to include them in my album, so decided this was the easiest way to do it without cropping them to bits. (Will also save space!) hehee

Ready, set, go - I used up some alpha stickers and I used foam dots to lift out some of the circles which I cut & punched from old Prima paper.

On a different note ...
Some people might think I am fussy ... well I used to be. But I don't think I am near as fussy as I used to be, especially now I have kids. For instance, I don't really care if the beds aren't made - it doesn't bother me (10 years ago it did!). But if you are going to make the bed then you might as well do it properly right?
This is how the maid makes the kids beds ... (I am not even going to take a pic of our bed).

I mean seriously - why bother! Just look at Maddison's bed. It looks worse than what it did when she got out of it this morning!
My problem ... I don't have the heart to tell the maid how to do it properly. Can't be bothered! So there you go ... I am definitely not as fussy as I used to be right? ;-)
Okay of to try and do some journaling before I pick Maddison up from school.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time for a Swim

It was over 35degs here today ... so Lyndon took the kids for a swim. I opted to sit on a bench with the camera (this baby has outgrown my togs!). ;-)
I got out the water squirter's for the kids to play with. They had so much fun ... mainly attacking Daddy! heheehee

Maddison is trying to have a go with Daddy's one - but she didn't have the oomph to get it to squirt at full power!
Love the leg out!
Lining up the water to squirt in Daddy's ear!!

No comment!
Love the look on Aaron's face here. Sums up their time at the pool just right I think :-)

On a completely different note ... has this happened to anyone else? I was flicking through a couple of my albums the other night and found this LO had come to grief. The adhesive I had used just wasn't working at all! And if I am correct it's not one I bought at a scrapbook shop - it was a tape runner I got from a stationery shop that was acid free and I thought it would do (it was also a bit cheaper). I was really disappointed though. Hope it doesn't happen to too many more of my LO's. I can't remember how many I did using that tape runner. Obviously it doesn't pay to get "bargain" adhesive! :-(

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Counting down ...

Well actually there are several things I am counting down till ;-)
But I just realised I hadn't blogged that I am attending this ... in 8 more days to be exact! :-)

I can only attend the Saturday class, but I am looking forward to it :-) For details check it out at Scrap-n-Crop's blog here or to book go here.
I have done a class with Irene before last year in April (see here for what I made) and really enjoyed it. Learnt lots of different techniques and I just know that this time it will be the same. Can't wait.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I see ... and what I hear ...

Today I stood in the playground and watched Aaron running around getting hot and sweaty and I thought I'd take some pics of what I see ...
Here's looking straight ahead. It's the left side of the big new complex that is being built beside us (the right side is a lot taller).
Right ... Aaron climbing all around the concrete ledges.
Left ... more construction in the distance.
Behind ... the playground.
Up ... that's the top of our condo.
And down ... I don't think I need to explain what that is! LOL (29 weeks today.)
What I can't see ... my feet! ;-) heheee
And here's some things I have heard from the kidlets the last couple of days ...
Aaron to Maddison
"If you don't stop right now, you'll go to your room" (no guess as to who he's heard saying that!)
Maddison to me after waking this morning
She came running out of her room saying
"Mum, Mummy, come and see scary monster in my bedroom"
I followed (not that I had a choice as she had me by the hand!) and she had emptied out all the soft toys from their bin and a raccoon hat was amongst it ... the hat was the scary monster heheee
Aaron to me while lying in bed last night
"Will the Dr be able to fix my big head?"
How does one answer a question like that??? LOL
Aaron to Maddison last night after their bath
"Maddison if you are good I'll buy you a dinosaur hotwheels track - won't that be nice!"
Yeah right Aaron!
Aaron to me this morning
"Look Mummy I found an ant - it's nice, it's crawling up my arm!"
Five minutes later ... Me to Aaron
"Aaron what exactly are you doing in there?"
Aaron to Me
"I'm putting the ant in the fridge Mummy, so it can eat some food, cause it's hungry!!"
I am just left shaking my head!!