Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Not much happening around here. I have done a few more LO's (without journaling!) for our holiday album. Here's a couple.
A double LO - but in between this I am going to put a sleeve that holds 12 6x4 photos because I had FAR too many photos of this particular outing but really wanted to include them in my album, so decided this was the easiest way to do it without cropping them to bits. (Will also save space!) hehee

Ready, set, go - I used up some alpha stickers and I used foam dots to lift out some of the circles which I cut & punched from old Prima paper.

On a different note ...
Some people might think I am fussy ... well I used to be. But I don't think I am near as fussy as I used to be, especially now I have kids. For instance, I don't really care if the beds aren't made - it doesn't bother me (10 years ago it did!). But if you are going to make the bed then you might as well do it properly right?
This is how the maid makes the kids beds ... (I am not even going to take a pic of our bed).

I mean seriously - why bother! Just look at Maddison's bed. It looks worse than what it did when she got out of it this morning!
My problem ... I don't have the heart to tell the maid how to do it properly. Can't be bothered! So there you go ... I am definitely not as fussy as I used to be right? ;-)
Okay of to try and do some journaling before I pick Maddison up from school.


Penny said...

bwahahahaha! yep. that's good bed making.

*envious you have a maid that even pulls up the covers*

J9 said...

to be honest I didn't even think she had made Miss M's bed lol, good that you don't care.

Serene Ho said...

Just so long as she keeps the floors clean (i hope! LOL) we have to close one eye LOL!

topkatnz said...

I have heard that from Sth African friends - I don't think they know how to deal with western beds - go on, show her the way you want it done!LOL