Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do they think this is their new school uniform?

I sure hope not!!!
Aaron is really into Ben 10 at the moment - it's driving me slightly crazy, but what's worse is that whatever he does Maddison has to do too. So he's "given" her his other Ben 10 tee-shirt and this morning they decided together that they would wear them to school! Honestly!
Aaron had his Ben 10 watch on and wanted Maddison to have one too ... some how I managed to avoid all the questions on that one. But no doubt I'll get them again! (I am NOT buying her a Ben 10 watch thank you very much!)

This pic makes me grin - Aaron gave her a hug and she just leans back (hard) and squashes him against the door and stands on his foot by the looks! hehehee

I think I can safety say she's a bit of a tom-boy! And a little scruffy one at that! hehee


Serene Ho said...

Precious picture! Maddison has your features :)

J9 said...

okay I was laughing out loud about the conversations you had with your gems. I loved the "pop baby" comment. Seriously made me laugh.

Miss M justs wants to be like her big brother lol, she is so cute.

topkatnz said...

it's moments like these that keep you going...:)