Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little People's Conversations ...

The last few days the kids have said some funny things, so thought I'd share them here.

The other night we had soup for dinner and Maddison was picking up the bowl and drinking from it if you please! I asked her to use her spoon and she replied ...
"It's 'licious Mummy, just 'licious"!!
(Needless to say she didn't use the spoon!)

Maddison came to me one afternoon and said rather proudly ...
"I done poo's Mummy, I stink, it's 'gusting"
I had to agree with her!

After picking up Maddison from school today we got inside and she says with a big dramatic sigh ...
"I very tired".
So I suggested she have a sleep, but that was a complete waste of words on my part!

Yesterday after picking up Aaron from his music lesson he informed me ...
"I don't like music Mummy".
"Oh why is that Aaron?"
"Cause it makes me hurt all over!"
"Really, that's not good, what is it about music that makes you hurt all over?"
"The teachers make a terrible noise"!!!
I just laughed to be honest ... I mean seriously, how can he blame it on the teachers! ;-) He makes me hurt all over too when he cranks up a loud beat on the keyboard at home and just dances around like a loony (although he says he's dancing like Ben 10!!).

And tonight Aaron informed me
"I can't go to sleep Mummy because my tummy is too big"!!
My reply was "Really ... if you think you have a big tummy and can't sleep, what about Mummy's tummy? She still manages to sleep and her tummy is a lot bigger than yours!"
He grinned at me and said
"Yeah, Mummy's tummy is going to get bigger, 'n bigger, 'n bigger and then POP and then the baby will see you!"
Well how fascinating! I sure hope it doesn't happen like that - would be awfully messy!!! He seems convinced though that this baby is going POP out anyway.


Darla said...

Your kids are so funny. I left you a message on Facebook. Can you contact me?

Anonymous said...

Awww, so cute and adorable! Keep on documenting these things, because I'm sad to say, the funny/cute sayings get fewer and fewer as they get older! ;-)

Penny said...

ha ha!!!
I sure hope you don't pop too.

topkatnz said...

Aaron sure has a vivid imagination!LOL

Serene Ho said...