Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday ...

A little peek into what we did yesterday afternoon!
Aaron had music/keyboard class after school and I put Maddison into an art class for a trial to see how she went. After I picked them up at 2pm Maddison did this on the couch :-)

Aaron played this on the computer!

So I got busy at my scrap desk (FINALLY) and did 5 LO's (haven't done the journalling yet though!).
This one goes with the LO I showed on this post. (I can't believe I haven't scrapped any LO's since then!!)
This one isn't really a double LO, I just decided to use up the rest of the stripy paper! The independent LO I want to journal about Maddison's determination and independence on climbing the steps and coming down that big slide all by herself (she wasn't 2 then)!!

Some Tim Holtz cogs on this LO :-) (I sort of felt a bit wasteful using them, but seriously ... they are in my stash what else am I going to use them on? and besides I have another packet I haven't even opened yet LOL)!! ;-)

I am getting creative with my alpha stickers as well ... not a process I really enjoy to be honest. I don't like hashing them about to make a totally different letter! But ... so far I have restrained myself and haven't ordered any more thickers! (A certain someone isn't helping me though when she goes and blogs about a new shipment arriving in her store!!!!)
And I am having doubts about me actually fitting all these holiday LO's into ONE album! It's going to be a huge challenge ... It's three quarters full now and I've only done a month's worth! I will have to be really stingy on the foam dots and use no bulky embellishments!
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Penny said...

me neither - don't like hashing up letters..
great job on the 5 LOs!

J9 said...

so the art class was a success then at ya holiday album being 3/4 full....

mariam said...

Aaron is so lucky!! I always wanted to go on those digger!! lol

great job on the LOs!!

topkatnz said...

Looks like the art class was a TOTAL success - arent kids just lovely when they're asleep!!LOL Good on you for getting through all those holiday snaps - well done.

Serene Ho said...

Little girl tired out :) great job on the LOs!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

she must be really tired! LOL.. go on.. use more pop dots. u know you want to. get more albums!