Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 x Double LO's

I did a couple of double LO's yesterday for our holiday album. :-) Funny thing ... I used to (and must confess sometimes I still do, but I do think a bit harder about it now!) buy paper I liked and would usually get two sheets, without even knowing what I would use it for. It was a "just because" purchase - know what I mean? ;-)
Anyway when I was thinking about what papers to use for this '1st few days' LO I found this paper ... and the reason I bought it was because I liked the colours, flowers & swirls on it. But what do you know ... I didn't even use that side of the paper! (I have a feeling that might happen a bit more when I am doing this album heheee)

I journaled with mini alpha stickers ... man that takes absolute ages!! (does use up the sticker stash though!) :-)

Hummm that is a bright blue isn't it (by the way it goes nicely with broken china distress ink!!) And the Cosmo Cricket strips of paper are on straight ... I just didn't take the photo straight so when I cropped it it looks crooked - sorry.

So far I have done 28 pages for this album ... and when you look at my stack of photos still you wouldn't even think I had started! And I have been culling photos as I go! Some of the photos I got printed I want to use for the kids individual albums, so I won't scrap them for now. I want to prioritise the actual holiday album itself.
I have a couple of aims/challenges for myself for this holiday album ...
  1. To try and complete before baby #3 arrives (hummm is that wishful thinking??) ;-)
  2. To use only what stash I have (that includes alpha stickers do you hear Rachel!).
    I have a few sets of alpha stamps and I am pretty sure I have a brand new die cut alpha set that I can run through my cuttlebug ... so there's no excuse right! No doubt after another 30 odd pages I will be muttering to myself about setting such a stipulation! hehee
Have also decided to try and keep track of how many LO's I have done so far this year & will do before the baby comes ... not sure how much I will get done after he/she arrives! So I am going to put up a tally in my right column just for interest. :-)
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mariam said...

:) I have yet to try a double page. I have run out of albums. HAH! just an excuse to go shopping.

I love the tub time and what are those circle thingy? is it stickers or chipboard?

I just read SNC ordered all the new distress inks!!

I want to do a tally as well

J9 said...

okay I am loosing the plot, I left a rather long comment last night nz time on your blog about the last three posts. But just looking now I can't see it.....I had my google address on my comment. I made a comment about Aaron and his building skills, about the chicken recipe and how creative you were and about the cute layouts you had produced.

Wow at the goals you have set yourself for the holiday album. Good that you know what you want to do with it.

Okay just discovered why it hasn't appeared - I had looged out of google reader....

Anonymous said...

Great doubles, Rachel! I hardly ever do them anymore. When I first started I ONLY did doubles, and like you, I used to buy 2 sheets of every paper I bought (so I could do a double LO). Funny how our styles change, huh? I still like double layouts for things like birthdays and holidays where there are always lots of photos ... pity I simply put off scrapping those events because I favour single LOs!!

Serene Ho said...

Nice! I like the colors :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

28 pages HOly Moly! do you ever sleep??!!

Penny said...

I still do the odd double layout - like Hannah it's mostly for event scrapbooking like camping and stuff.

Keeping a tally is fun, though for me it would be too depressing! LOL! Keep up the good work.

One thing with the Cuttlebug alpha: I cut small squares of the cardstock to place on the die, and sometimes run 2 dies through side by side to be more efficient in getting out my title.

topkatnz said...

Had a wee giggler here - about using the 'other' side of a paper than intended - done that one! and yes, it does take freakin ages to do your journalling with tiny stickers!heehee