Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Toy!

My Darling Husband bought me a little massage chair last weekend. The kids think it's THEIR latest toy!! I unplug it but even Maddison has learnt (thanks to her brother!) how to plug it in and turn it on! Here's a few pics of them this morning before they went to school ... I was waiting for them to get their shoes on actually!

Hehehee Aaron pushed the button to make the seat massage and he was waiting for Maddison's reaction! ;-)
I haven't done any scrapping for over a week :( I keep looking at the pile of photos and really want to sit down and do something, but seem to find something else to do instead! Don't think I will get anything done today either because I have a bit of tidying up to do, as we've got visitors coming tomorrow.
Speaking of scraping though ... I bought this American Craft D-ring album to try. But didn't actually realise I could decorate the cover how I liked. So after much thinking and umming & ahhhing I've decided to put our 3 month holiday photos in it from NZ last year (being a ring album will make it easier to insert more pages that's for sure!!). So ... the link shows a couple of examples of decorating the covers, but does anyone else have any other ideas or have links to something they have seen? I don't want a bulky cover, I am more worried about the edges of the chipboard separating. Is there something I could do to prevent that apart from using gel medium?
I have also started sorting out baby clothes! (8 weeks to go) I have LOTS of pink things from Maddison and was actually surprised how many white or neutral singlets I had for 0-3 months. I have nothing blue at all if this little one is a boy! All Aaron's baby clothes are in storage in NZ! Mind you they probably wouldn't have been suitable anyway as they would have been winter clothes ... sure don't need that here! Oh well ... little white singlets will do for a start and if it is a boy then I can always go baby clothes shopping :-) (I don't mind that sort of clothes shopping!) ;-)
Okay off to do some tidying up before the kids get back from school.
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mariam said...

Hi Rach! 8 more weeks!! wohooo.

love your new toy. I saw it at mid valley and thought sure is cuter than the previous model.

I too bought the AC D-ring ..hmm I have no plan covering it though..too lazy. maybe painting it would be fun.

Hope your hip is feeling better

J9 said...

whooo hoooo at the massage chair, enjoy that. I had a turn in one that Trace has in chch it was amazing......

wow 8 weeks will fly by, it feels like time has flown already.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those pics! The chair looks great, and I can't believe you only have 8 WEEKS to go!

Mrs Frizz said...

8 weeks huh ... counting down. Although I'm sure it isn't going to go quick enough for you.

Now I could do with a chair just like that. Love that pic of little Mr A looking sideways at his sister ... lol.

topkatnz said...

Hope the massage chair is helping all your aches and pains - only 8weeks to go!!wow other peoples pregnancies go fast!!LOL

Penny said...

Oh boy - he sure is keeping you sweet huh? ;P

Could you glue bias binding around the edges maybe?

Serene Ho said...

oh what a gift! You are so lucky! Hope to see your creations again!