Saturday, March 20, 2010


On Thursday morning I attended an Apron-o-logy class at Scrappingville. Very messy with paints, acrylic inks and stamping :-) We started with a blank apron & painted it, splattered paint & acrylic ink over it then started stamping :-) Great fun. I am sitting on my chuff in this pic trying to dry the ink splats so I can start stamping.

I finished my apron last night - I tell you hand sewing is not really my thing! But I used invisible thread hehehee ... that helps hide a multitude of sins LOL The ball trim & flowers are stitched on.
Here's some close up of my flowers - last year when I was in Singapore for Creative Escape I bought 3 Donna Downey badges ... and thought to myself that they would be perfect for my apron :-)

And a tip ... don't let your 2 1/2 yr old daughter anywhere near fabric butterflies because she pulls of the antennas!!! I have stitched them on, but they just don't look the same hehehee
And had to show you this pocket - see the "wording" stamp in the top left corner - it actually says "embrace imperfection"! LOL (I had a bit much paint on the stamp ... so I am just embracing it and going with the flow!! ;-) Although I did cover up another wording stamp with the green flower because it was just totally unreadable and looked more like a big smudge!).

Really enjoyed the class ... now I just have to be brave & wear it and hope I don't get it dirty heheee :-)
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Shaz said...

Oh my my my.. this is lovely.. i think the donna downey badges fits perfectly!! i love it.. love the colours so vibrant so happy.. catch up out for more donna downey inspired projects coming your way..

Serene Ho said...

Nice job done on the apron :)

topkatnz said...

That is so cool - go ahead, just wear it - of course it will get dirty, but that's just it's for!LOL I wondered what this post was all about when I clicked on it - but I'm so impressed!

Penny said...

well yeah - aren't apron's to stop your clothes getting dirty? :P

Looks great!

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

ha ha...finally those badges do look like they belong!!! at least you used da stash!!! lol....well done! pity I cudnt join...i am bored stiff!!!

J9 said...

Loved what you came up with, the apron is stunning. Very very very inspirational.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

now that is gorgeous... but i had a good chuckle about the butterfly's antenna. LOL.

mariam said...

i love your apron!!!!! I am so jealous LOL

hmmm were did u get the invisible thread??