Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What do you think??

Do these two look like twins to you???

Choice photo of them I know - but they were both in a silly mood. Aaron didn't want to sit close to Maddison and she just wanted to kiss him! ;-) Made for a great combination I tell you.
Anyway - point is I get asked a lot from people here "are they twins?"! Ummm no! There's 2 years difference! The last two weeks I've probably been asked the question about 3 or 4 times - usually by people that live in or around our condo. Rather strange really.
So here's Maddison in her kissy mood.

I suggested to Aaron that he kiss Maddison and got a goofy look. All he would kiss was her arm! LOL

Last night we had a potluck dinner with some friends. There was some jelly squares there. Maddison quite likes jelly! ;-) (My kids are a bit deprived as I don't like jelly so they don't get it at home unless it's their birthday hehee)

Here's a close up of it ... and no if I make jelly I don't go to that effort! Wonder how long it takes to wait for each layer to set!!!!! Looks cool though.

Other random news ... Lyndon is in India - arrived there late Monday night to find his bag had been left behind in Singapore! It finally caught up with him this morning! (Mind you he's been pretty lucky - it's only the 2nd time it's happened in the hundreds of trips he's done in the last 3 years.)
I am off to the Chiropractor again to see if he can do something about my hip ... pregnancy is being very mean to my hips!!
Oh and last week at my check up with the Dr - we saw on the scan that baby #3 has heaps of hair!!! It was amazing ... I have never seen anything like it and sure don't remember seeing that on Aaron & Maddison's scans and they both had heaps of hair when they were born! Dr said it was probably really coarse hair to show up on the scan like that! (huh ... what's the chances of it being another redhead! hehee) :-)
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J9 said...

twins?? lol no, Brother and sister yes. I wonder if its because Miss M is getting taller?

Wow that jelly is impressive but like you I wonder how long it would take to make lol

Oh you poor thing about your hips, thats not much fun at all. Hope he can do something.

topkatnz said...

Lo-o-o-ong pregnancy - would've been a crippler that one!LOL Hope your sore hips come right once the baby is born.

dalla said... cute of them,rachel.
when is ur due date? that's mean no donna trip this year...

Anonymous said...

Nope, I don't see twins at all! I wonder if people will ask if they are triplets once baby arrives?! Cute photos of them together.

Penny said...

Nope - not twins :) People used to think Abs and I were. Or they would ask if we were sisters, to which we would say, "No we're brothers."

Ow about hips! :(
And very interesting about the hair. M had a lot of hair when she was born eh? I just had baldy's all the time.

Serene Ho said...

Obviously not twins LOL! But still very beautiful children no doubt!