Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I see ... and what I hear ...

Today I stood in the playground and watched Aaron running around getting hot and sweaty and I thought I'd take some pics of what I see ...
Here's looking straight ahead. It's the left side of the big new complex that is being built beside us (the right side is a lot taller).
Right ... Aaron climbing all around the concrete ledges.
Left ... more construction in the distance.
Behind ... the playground.
Up ... that's the top of our condo.
And down ... I don't think I need to explain what that is! LOL (29 weeks today.)
What I can't see ... my feet! ;-) heheee
And here's some things I have heard from the kidlets the last couple of days ...
Aaron to Maddison
"If you don't stop right now, you'll go to your room" (no guess as to who he's heard saying that!)
Maddison to me after waking this morning
She came running out of her room saying
"Mum, Mummy, come and see scary monster in my bedroom"
I followed (not that I had a choice as she had me by the hand!) and she had emptied out all the soft toys from their bin and a raccoon hat was amongst it ... the hat was the scary monster heheee
Aaron to me while lying in bed last night
"Will the Dr be able to fix my big head?"
How does one answer a question like that??? LOL
Aaron to Maddison last night after their bath
"Maddison if you are good I'll buy you a dinosaur hotwheels track - won't that be nice!"
Yeah right Aaron!
Aaron to me this morning
"Look Mummy I found an ant - it's nice, it's crawling up my arm!"
Five minutes later ... Me to Aaron
"Aaron what exactly are you doing in there?"
Aaron to Me
"I'm putting the ant in the fridge Mummy, so it can eat some food, cause it's hungry!!"
I am just left shaking my head!!


Serene Ho said...

oh man! I'm cracking up with laughter! they are just too cute. You should submit them to Reader's Digest. Who knows you may get some cash from it!

J9 said...

I agree with Serene those comments from ya kidlets cracked me up. Nice to see you blooming there too.

Anonymous said...

Love the cute little anecdotes from the kids, they really do say the funniest things sometimes, don't they?

Wow, 29 weeks ... not that much longer to go!

topkatnz said...

hmmmmm - wonder whether the doctor can fix Aarons head?????LOL Love the photo looking down at your bump - how cool! BTW - hows your pet ant doing?

Penny said...

ha ha! Yep - sure is funny listening to them at times.

nice bump!

Mrs Frizz said...

so does that little ant have a full belly yet ...

and look at your belly ... your toes will come out from hiding one day ... true!!!