Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time for a Swim

It was over 35degs here today ... so Lyndon took the kids for a swim. I opted to sit on a bench with the camera (this baby has outgrown my togs!). ;-)
I got out the water squirter's for the kids to play with. They had so much fun ... mainly attacking Daddy! heheehee

Maddison is trying to have a go with Daddy's one - but she didn't have the oomph to get it to squirt at full power!
Love the leg out!
Lining up the water to squirt in Daddy's ear!!

No comment!
Love the look on Aaron's face here. Sums up their time at the pool just right I think :-)

On a completely different note ... has this happened to anyone else? I was flicking through a couple of my albums the other night and found this LO had come to grief. The adhesive I had used just wasn't working at all! And if I am correct it's not one I bought at a scrapbook shop - it was a tape runner I got from a stationery shop that was acid free and I thought it would do (it was also a bit cheaper). I was really disappointed though. Hope it doesn't happen to too many more of my LO's. I can't remember how many I did using that tape runner. Obviously it doesn't pay to get "bargain" adhesive! :-(

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mariam said...

hehehe looks like the kids had fun!! lovely pictures you got.

hmmm what adhesive do you use now? hope mine won't fall off. ehh wait a minute mine do!! only the buttons though.

Penelope Gan said...

hmmm... loads of fun as long as you're not daddy! :)
gorgeous pic you got there luv, both of them are just beautiful.
pix got me smiling alright! priceless expressions.

Serene Ho said...

great pictures! Now you make me want to dip in a pool with Jonathan!

J9 said...

enjoy the thats some hot temps you had. Looks like the kids had fun in the the shot of Miss M poking her tongue out. Eeeks at the cheap runner tape....

topkatnz said...

Looks like the kids were having a ball in the pool - sorry the baby has outgrown your togs - at least you got some timeout.
And yes, I have found some older layouts have come unstuck - using Henzo adhesives too - so not just the 'cheap' ones I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures! It looks like the kids had a blast! :-)

Penny said...

hee hee! they sure had some fun :)

I haven't had adhesive issues but I have had problems with the D-ring albums holes breaking. My heavier layouts combined with kids looking at them just don't work which is disappointing. I've gone back to post albums.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i wish i can join in the fun there... yes yes.. over 35° over here too.. crazy. so sorry about your pages falling apart!!

Darla said...

Looks like your kids are having a blast!! They are SO cute.