Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catch Up (again!)

What's been happening since my last blog post?!

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies - the recipe said it made 80 - I got about 150 out of it.  I should think so too ... look how many choc chips it used! (that's about 10 cups there!)  haha

All was quiet one evening and I came out to find Aaron & Maddison had made an "ant house" ... on the bench of all places!  The last place I want ants!  They even put 'food' in the house to attract them.
 And the tunnel for the ants to get from one bench to the other!
The food consisted of strawberry flavoured chocolate chips, animal biscuits (which went soggy because they spilt water) and green sprinkles!  (I cleaned it all up after they went to bed hehee)
Maddison started school.  I got some photos of her on her own, but Samuel kept wanting to join in the pictures with his backpack on too hehee
 Maddison has the same teacher Aaron had last year.  It's a "lion class".  So all the kids got a turn at dressing up in the teacher lion costume :-)
 Checking out the book case on the first day.
Going on the bus the first time with Aaron.  I went with her too and she loved it.  Told me it was perfect! hehee

I was at school one day last week to take photos of each individual child in her class and they were doing a drawing of themselves.
 So I took the photos
 then they had recess and snack.
 And came back to finish their drawing.  Maddison needed a mirror to see herself hehee
Here's her completed artwork!  See any resemblance?  haha  They had to write on the bottom "I am ..." She wrote "I am a princess"  :-)  heheheee
 I took photos of the kids in Aaron's class one day too :-)

Saturday week ago I took Maddison with me to Scrap-n-Crop.  Not sure that it's a good idea any more as she wants papers too!  This is what she came away with!  (don't think Lyndon was that amused hehee) :-)

Samuel saying "Cheese" at dinner one night.
Yesterday and today were public holidays.  Today we decided to check out the park at KLCC Suria.  It was huge!

Aaron & Maddison rode their scooters around.

 We headed for the playground for them to burn off some energy :-)

There was so much playground equipment it was amazing.  We found one in the corner that we could kind of stand guard at the exit so we could keep track of the kids hehee

This afternoon the kids (with Lyndon's supervision) decorated a cake for me.

We enjoyed it tonight since Lyndon won't be back till after the kids are asleep tomorrow night.  This next photo cracks me up ... after they had sung me happy birthday Maddison grabbed the candle and was licking the icing off it, Samuel was scooping icing off the cake with his finger and Aaron was being silly!  How typical!

So that's me up to date ... sort of!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Words aren't really needed!

Just downloaded some photos on my DSLR camera that I took in June!  I found this one and couldn't resist sharing  heheee ... if I remember rightly he had eaten a bowl of chocolate ice-cream.  It was everywhere ... even his hair!

This is the cake that Maddison asked for when she left Montessori.  It was a maderia cake (without the lemon, but it turned out fine).  It's the ONLY cake I have made and taken to school that's ALL been eaten ... cake included!  Usually the kids just eat the icing and the sprinkles and throw the cake out.

(The little bath toys had a good scrub before they got placed on the cake!)

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Samuel's First Day at Montessori

Samuel started Montessori on Monday :-)  Here he is with his bag on ready to go in the morning ... love the tippy toes heehee

 Cool little backpack he got from friends for his birthday.
 The collection of plastic animals was an instant hit. :-)
 And he was all serious concentration with the stacking rings.

 I stayed with him for about half an hour before sneaking out the door when he wasn't looking!  When I went to pick him up he was sitting with the teacher doing a puzzle and had his dummy.  (Apparently he only had it about 15-20 minutes).  I stood just inside the room for a bit, then moved a bit closer, and finally sat on the chair in front of him and he still didn't notice me! hahaa  So I said "Hello Samuel" and he looked up, gave a big grin, said "Mumma" and came running.  I got the bestest hug :-)

He was happy to go off again today as well.  Fingers crossed that it lasts and there's no tears!

Aaron starts school tomorrow and Maddison goes for an hour and a half day on Friday before starting full time next Monday.  

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

1st week back home

Just a little catch up of what we did this last week.  Lyndon was in China for the week.  The kids and I just stayed at home, swimming, playing with their toys and making a mess!  :-)

Maddison and I made some chocolate cakes using her baking set she got for her birthday.  We took one to the family that looked after Tom Turtle for us while we were away.

Little Chef with chocolate all over her face from licking the beater!
 Our first day back we went up to the infinity pool around sunset.  It was beautiful - my pics don't do it justice at all really.

 This is what it was like when we left about 40 minutes later.
 We picked up Tom and Samuel was so pleased to see him he was kissing the glass heheee

 See what I mean about mess!
 Aaron knocked out a loose tooth (running to get on the computer and slipped and hit the desk!)
 When Lyndon got back on Saturday he pumped up the kids bike tires and took off Maddison's training wheels and they were away.

 Samuel spent his time getting filthy on the skateboard ramp and ...
 playing in the playground.

 Two little fish!
 Had to buy a noodle for Samuel as he won't wear floaty arm bands.  He just loves the water.
 Backing him up under the fountain :-)
 Fish #1
 Fish #2
And this is what happens when Fish 1 and Fish 2 collide under water ... Fish 2 gets a big bruise under her eye from her goggles!

I'll be back tomorrow with another update :-)  It's Samuel's first day at Montessori.  He has no idea and I am looking forward to it heheee ;-)

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