Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pinterest ...

Like many people I joined the Pinterest ban-wagon a while ago.  I decided to start because I had things saved in my favourites on our home computer that I knew I would want to look at when I was on holiday (think rainbow cakes here!).  So I decided Pinterest would probably be the best place.

I found this picture on this blog - don't ask me how I found my way there ... I just did!  :-)  I loved the idea and decided it would be a fun thing to do with the kids for the grandparents.  So basically the day before we left (I know ... nothing like leaving things to the last minute), I got out the paints and the kids chose what colour they wanted and away we went.

 I first stamped their hands and when they were dry I penciled in the branches and eyes and then painted them in, added some feet and some small leaves.

 Love the "tail feathers" on this owl of Samuel's :-)

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of them nicely framed.  We got some frames from Ikea and Lyndon painstakingly re-sized the mat so the pictures fitted in!  I was really pleased how they turned out actually.  Must make one for myself and maybe include Lyndon's and my handprints too. :-)

I've used a few ideas from pinterest actually, the watermelon shark head we did for Aaron's year end school party, rainbow cakes (of course!) and snack ideas for the kids.  Of course there's lots more ideas that I want to use too!  :-)

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topkatnz said...

Very cool:) although I initially thought they were spiders - not sure why they were in a tree - haha, tree spiders of course!rofl!

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow --- absolutely sensational ...