Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Samuel's First Day at Montessori

Samuel started Montessori on Monday :-)  Here he is with his bag on ready to go in the morning ... love the tippy toes heehee

 Cool little backpack he got from friends for his birthday.
 The collection of plastic animals was an instant hit. :-)
 And he was all serious concentration with the stacking rings.

 I stayed with him for about half an hour before sneaking out the door when he wasn't looking!  When I went to pick him up he was sitting with the teacher doing a puzzle and had his dummy.  (Apparently he only had it about 15-20 minutes).  I stood just inside the room for a bit, then moved a bit closer, and finally sat on the chair in front of him and he still didn't notice me! hahaa  So I said "Hello Samuel" and he looked up, gave a big grin, said "Mumma" and came running.  I got the bestest hug :-)

He was happy to go off again today as well.  Fingers crossed that it lasts and there's no tears!

Aaron starts school tomorrow and Maddison goes for an hour and a half day on Friday before starting full time next Monday.  

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