Sunday, August 5, 2012

1st week back home

Just a little catch up of what we did this last week.  Lyndon was in China for the week.  The kids and I just stayed at home, swimming, playing with their toys and making a mess!  :-)

Maddison and I made some chocolate cakes using her baking set she got for her birthday.  We took one to the family that looked after Tom Turtle for us while we were away.

Little Chef with chocolate all over her face from licking the beater!
 Our first day back we went up to the infinity pool around sunset.  It was beautiful - my pics don't do it justice at all really.

 This is what it was like when we left about 40 minutes later.
 We picked up Tom and Samuel was so pleased to see him he was kissing the glass heheee

 See what I mean about mess!
 Aaron knocked out a loose tooth (running to get on the computer and slipped and hit the desk!)
 When Lyndon got back on Saturday he pumped up the kids bike tires and took off Maddison's training wheels and they were away.

 Samuel spent his time getting filthy on the skateboard ramp and ...
 playing in the playground.

 Two little fish!
 Had to buy a noodle for Samuel as he won't wear floaty arm bands.  He just loves the water.
 Backing him up under the fountain :-)
 Fish #1
 Fish #2
And this is what happens when Fish 1 and Fish 2 collide under water ... Fish 2 gets a big bruise under her eye from her goggles!

I'll be back tomorrow with another update :-)  It's Samuel's first day at Montessori.  He has no idea and I am looking forward to it heheee ;-)

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topkatnz said...

Nice to be back home aye?! It must have been gorgeous in the pool as the sun set:)

Penny said...

I sense a certain amount of glee in that last sentence ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love all those different shaped cakes :-)

Great pool photos ... makes me long for summer even more. At least it's getting closer ;-)

Mrs Frizz said...

couple of eeeeee-ouches there ...