Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clips on the Moon!!

This afternoon Aaron was on the computer (supposedly playing Little Einsteins games) when he yelled out "Mum come and see there's clips on the moon"!!!
So I go check him out and Little Einsteins are nowhere to be seen ... instead he's opened Google Earth and has opened up the moon tab and is checking it all out! And when he rolls the mouse around it looks like there's an "eclipse" (or in his words 'clips' on the moon) LOL

Honestly he's a worry! He is SOOO like his father messing about on the computer heheheeh ;-)
He also checked out Mars and was spinning that around all over the place, the whole time telling Maddison a whole lot of woffle about what he was doing heheheee (wish I had videoed it, would have been funny for him to listen to when he's older!).
Later on we went down to the playground. Aaron wanted to take his truck and shovel, so they each had a shovel. Aaron spent most of the time putting dirt in the truck and tipping it out near the slide!
Maddison spent some time on someone's bike just sitting ringing the bell!!
And doing the usual ... playing in the fountain! Although today the shovel made a good cup! How disgusting.
We left soon after that ... her dress was soaked and Aaron threw a tanti because another little boy wanted to play with his truck (didn't matter that Aaron was away playing with that little boys ball!!) Sigh ...
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ATC Swap

Last month I joined in the ATC Swap hosted by Rachel Grieg of Darkroom Door. September's swap was to use 'Essentials 3 Stamps'. I created two sets this time ...
"Mug Shot" - I put a piece of Shimmer Sheetz in behind the film strip so when you look at the ATC you see your reflection ;-)

'Moment in Time' - done using the crayon resist technique and Tim Holtz Distress Inks (love those inks).
And these are the fabulous ATC's I received in return. Click on the pic to see them properly.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday ...

These little cherubs spent a LONG time on the couch watching cartoons on YouTube! (Someone had left the laptop out!!) But they were very good at sharing, Aaron had to go to the toilet and he actually let Maddison hold the laptop while he was away! LOL

I had a lazy morning ;-) and in the afternoon had fun at Scrap-n-Crop's Scrap.Abode teaching a card class. The table was full (wasn't even room for Val to join in!!) with a fantastic bunch of ladies. I enjoyed it and was neat to see their creations after watching my demos (and learning what not to do hehehee). Just for your info ... if you are doing the crayon resist technique - washable crayons don't work!! Sort of embarrassing to find that out during your demo! ;-) Oh well ...
Here's a couple of pics that Penny took during the class.

Oh they learnt why I wear an apron as well LOL ;-)
We created a masterboard (or patterned paper) from which 15 cards could be made (although we didn't have time in class for that, we tried for 2 but I think most only got one completed).

Then we created something totally different and sort of cute!

And I haven't taken a photo of the other one, but it was a tag. I'll try and get some pics tomorrow and add them to this post.
*Edited to add the pics ... Tag created with Distress Inks and Perfect Pearls :-) The glimmer doesn't really show up in these pics though sorry.

So that was our Saturday. :-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just some funny things to share ...

Since I haven't blogged for a week, thought I'd share a couple of pics of the kids and some of the things they are saying at the moment.
These photos were taken when they got home from school the day they wore their Indian costumes. What a bunch of monkeys! Anyway this is pretty typical of them!

And Maddison likes to copy EVERYTHING Aaron does (which unfortunately includes a lot of tongue poking out and spitting!) ... sigh ...
In other news ... Aaron came home from school yesterday and the conversation went a bit like this ...
Aaron - Y & S (his friends) were at "Belly"
Me - (laughing to myself) You mean Y & S are at "Ballet"?
Aaron - Yes, but "Belly's" not for boys (said with very serious intent look!)
Me - (nearly splitting myself laughing at this stage) Oh ... so if ballet isn't for boys what do boys do?
Aaron - No Belly's for girls and boys do "Ben 10"
Me - Ben 10? How do you do Ben 10?
Aaron - Like this ... (and he strikes a sort of fighting pose!)
Where does he get these things from????? He has a sticker book of Ben 10 and that's it. I don't think he's found him on YouTube yet!!!
While we were in NZ I noticed my sisters middle boy saying little 'quotes' that Grandma, my sister and I say (are things like that heredity? hehehee) and we had some laughs about it. Since we have been home Aaron has been saying it as well and just in the last week Maddison has as well! I can't believe it. And the emphasis they put into it!!!!
The saying "what did I tell you"?
Aaron says it when he's especially mad with me that he's not getting his way about something and it's shouted with vigor.
Maddison says "I tell you"!!! And it's said very loud and very intently! (very very hard not to laugh at her actually!).
Phew - the things kids do to try you!
Maddison copies so much that Aaron does and says it's rather scary. Aaron has started getting dressed and undressed all by himself now and because he says "I can do it", she says "I do, I do, I do"!! And gets very ratty when I try and help or she gets her arms stuck! (I don't have a lot of patience to start with, but it's sure being tested lately!)
So that's us ... pretty normal for kids I suppose! LOL (I could do without the spitting and tongue poking out though!)
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am being educated!

Aaron is educating me hehehee Yesterday he came home from school telling me this:
Aaron - "Y & S (his little girl friends) have "lick stick" and it's not for boys. "
Me - "Oh really"!
Aaron - "No it's not for boys Mummy, its for Princesses"!!
Me - "So you aren't a Princess then? Are your friends Princesses?"
Aaron - "Yes Princesses wear 'lick stick' but it's not for boys"!
LOL I just love it when he tells me things like that.
This morning we had the usual performance getting him ready for school and it was even worse because he knew he had to wear a "costume". Our conversation went like this:
Me - "Hurry and finish your breakfast Aaron, so you can get dressed, because Y & S will be here soon and they'll have their Indian costumes on".
Aaron - "No Mummy I not wearing costume and Y & S not wearing Indian costume, they are Princesses, they wear princesses dress"!
Me - (sniggering away to myself) "well actually they are dressed as Indian Princesses today and you can put your Indian costume on and be an Indian Prince, how will that me?"
That didn't actually work to be honest, but anyway we finally got his top on and I didn't even bother with the pants, so compromised and he wore some shorts. So he'll have to stand in the back row for his class photos so they don't see his 'mis-matched' costume hehehee
And because Mr 4 was putting on a fuss Miss 2 decided she didn't want to wear the pants to her outfit either! Sigh ... so here they are with "half" their costumes on! (we tried!)

And here's the four of them ... none of my photos of the four of them are very good actually, but they do show the kids being their typical selves! :-)
Hope to try and get a better photo of Aaron & Maddison after school today. Some of the children at school had such elaborate costumes on. They were amazing and the kids looked so cute. Just sorry I can't share pics of them all on here.
Oh and if you want to read a little blurb about some of my life history (LOL) then check it out here. :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Thought it was about time I did some updating here!
Last Saturday after lunch we headed into China Town and Little India. The kids have a costume day on Wednesday at school so I wanted to get them an Indian outfit each. So they did this (Aaron was finishing off the dregs of my frosty lemon tea!) ...

While Lyndon inspected the goods at one of his favourite haunts! LOL

It was hot and I was exhausted by the time we had made it back to the Central Market where we'd parked. We decided to have tea there since it was just after 5pm ... so stopped in at Secret Recipe.

I just laughed at this pic - the water must have been really cold and she could feel it cold in her tummy hehehee
Driving back home I noticed a "certain" type of car parked in our parking building so since we had the camera we walked down a few levels and got a pic of a "certain" little boy that's crazy about Ferrari's! He just thought it was the best thing :-)

And tonight Maddison decided to race off with one of Aaron's trains and tried to get under the dining table, but miscalculated and whacked her head in the exact same spot on her eyebrow as last time (you can read about that here). Hard to tell in this pic, but there's quite a lump and I slathered arnica on it, but I think it will still bruise a little. (Be nice for their class photos tomorrow won't it!)

So that's been us the last few days :-) I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of the kids in their Indian costumes :-) heheheee
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Sneak at my Card Class @ SnC

Here's another sneak at a card we'll be making at the card class I am teaching at Scrap-n-Crop on the 24th 

This class is loaded with different techniques ... I've tried to fit in as many as I can, so if you are interested in joining us be quick as there's only a couple of spaces left :-)  You can sign up here and there's more details on SnC's blog here.  
By the way ... I have put my LOAD (LO a day) on hold this week!  Been concentrating on other things.  Maybe I will get a chance to catch up next week (or the week after!).  I haven't even taken any exciting photos of the kids to show you!  

Monday, October 5, 2009

Woo Hoo

I won a prize at Scrap-the-Girls Challenge Blog with the LO I did of Maddison wearing a friends high heels :-)  Check it out here.  How cool is that?  :-)  (rubbing my hands together now thinking what I can buy heehee)
Scrapping wise I haven't done any for 2 days!  Might have some catching up to do for my LO a Day in the next few days!  Oh well tomorrow's another day!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here's my LO's for yesterday and today.  :-)

New Cousin - uses October Afternoon patterned paper & diecut shapes, Bazzill cardstock, Maya Road chipboard alphas & mist, rickrack, Making Memories brad, and tassel trim from We are Memory Keepers.

Family - uses DCWV Green Stack patterned papers & chipboard shapes, Making Memories mini alphas and Pink Paislee alphas, rickrack & Bazzill Just the Edge strips.

I haven't done any journalling on this LO because it's going along side several other LO's about this day and it will be all explained on one of them ;-)

World Card Making Day today ... not feeling particularly motivated about making cards though :(  Maybe later on I will!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Moon Cake

This morning Maddison's class were making Moon Cakes so I asked if I could visit with my camera :-)  I must confess I was more interested to see how they were going to do baking with 20 little kids between the ages of 18 months and 2 and a half!  But they lose interest pretty quick and there was probably only about 8 or 10 that stayed at the table the whole time I was there.  
So first up they wash their hands :-)

Then they got given a little piece of lotus paste to roll into a ball!!!  (ummmmm they are used to playing with playdough and squashing it flat LOL)

See ...!!!

Maddison managed to do the taste test several times!!!

Then the dough/pastry was rolled flat.

The lotus paste ball placed in the centre.

And then wrapped up.

Then the fun part, (which requires you to hold you tongue just so obviously!) to press it into the mould.

Wack it out :-)

And there you have it!  ;-)  That's Maddison's one in the middle.

All I can say is thank goodness I am not a teacher!  It was barely organised chaos!  hehehee  If one wasn't eating the lotus balls, another was tipping the plastic trays onto the floor, and yet another spilling the bowl of flour!  LOL  (was fun to stand back and watch though hehee)

I'm teaching ...

Scrap-n-Crop are having a ...

on Saturday the 24th of October and have asked little old me to teach a Card Making class :-)  You can read all the details here on SnC's blog.
Here's a sneak of some of the things we'll be creating ...

Hope to see some of you there ... it will be loads of fun and one of the things we'll be doing is a great idea for Christmas gifts :-)  To sign up go here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 October!

Wow only 3 more months and we'll be on the countdown till Christmas!  How scary is that?!!
This afternoon the kids and I went to the playground, Aaron spent some time riding his bike and for some reason feels he has to keep watching that the wheels are going around!

Maddison ran round all over the place and then I caught her splashing in the fountain ... and ...

leaning right in to drink it!  Ewwwwew how disgusting!

Aaron did another usual and decided to walk all around the ledges ...

But he's not quite as clever as he thinks he is heheheee (good job he still had his helmet on LOL)

And these frangipani's were peeking out ... always makes me smile.

And I actually did some creating today!  :-)  I tried very hard to sign up to do this challenge for the month of October - LOAD (LO A Day).  But I had serious problems with paypal ... lets just say I am cross (very cross!) with them!  So in the end I decided I would just do it on my own bat just to see if I could.  I won't be loading up my LO's to the LOAD flickr gallery and I won't be eligible for any prizes (but that's okay because do I really need more scrap stash?  LOL)
I got out this 5x7 pic of Maddison crawling in a tunnel at one of the many playgrounds she enjoyed while we were in NZ and my Sassafras papers and pulled this together (also added some felt flowers, AC thickers, Making Memories velvet ribbon, crochet heart from Kinda Sweet & and a lady bug button :-) !)

Close up of heart and lady bug :-)

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Darkroom Door Wilderness ATC Swap

In August I participated in an ATC Swap hosted by Rachel Greig of Darkroom Door, we had to use items from the Darkroom Door Wilderness Collection.  I used stamps from this set ... Wilderness Vol 2, using the crayon resist technique.  Not sure exactly what sort of mood I was in when I created these to put "get lost" on them!!!!  heheee

And these are neat ATC's I received in the swap (click pic to make it larger).
ATC's created by (top row left to right) ... Cheryl Townley, Lessa Harris, Sarah Schwerin, Helen Cleary.
(bottom row left to right) ... Judity Beattie, Damaris M, Tracey Strong, Robyn Wood.

To see all the ATC's that were created for this swap, check out the video on Darkroom Door's blog here.
I have also participated in the September swap which is using stamps from the Essentials 3 Collection.  It closed yesterday, so looking forward to receiving those in the mail :-)