Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday ...

These little cherubs spent a LONG time on the couch watching cartoons on YouTube! (Someone had left the laptop out!!) But they were very good at sharing, Aaron had to go to the toilet and he actually let Maddison hold the laptop while he was away! LOL

I had a lazy morning ;-) and in the afternoon had fun at Scrap-n-Crop's Scrap.Abode teaching a card class. The table was full (wasn't even room for Val to join in!!) with a fantastic bunch of ladies. I enjoyed it and was neat to see their creations after watching my demos (and learning what not to do hehehee). Just for your info ... if you are doing the crayon resist technique - washable crayons don't work!! Sort of embarrassing to find that out during your demo! ;-) Oh well ...
Here's a couple of pics that Penny took during the class.

Oh they learnt why I wear an apron as well LOL ;-)
We created a masterboard (or patterned paper) from which 15 cards could be made (although we didn't have time in class for that, we tried for 2 but I think most only got one completed).

Then we created something totally different and sort of cute!

And I haven't taken a photo of the other one, but it was a tag. I'll try and get some pics tomorrow and add them to this post.
*Edited to add the pics ... Tag created with Distress Inks and Perfect Pearls :-) The glimmer doesn't really show up in these pics though sorry.

So that was our Saturday. :-)


topkatnz said...

Superb bunch of cards! well done! Did the kids watch Pepper Pig by any chance?????heehee - sigh, you really should buy them a TV you know!LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank u so muchhhhhhhh for the fun on last Saturday, rachael...i had great fun in learning the techniques..haha...pleaseeeeee..pluaseeeeeee have more of these classes...I was very sad to leave early...argh..I haven't finish my piece of work! :( Please organise more of card making classes. Thank u so much for everything! *hugs*

bee said...

I do I doooo find u relaxing. I love how u managed it all in a very cool manner hehehehe.

I love the part when u realised u stamped the clouds upside down hehehe

thanks rachel for the wonderful class

Penny said...

Oh very nice!!