Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just some funny things to share ...

Since I haven't blogged for a week, thought I'd share a couple of pics of the kids and some of the things they are saying at the moment.
These photos were taken when they got home from school the day they wore their Indian costumes. What a bunch of monkeys! Anyway this is pretty typical of them!

And Maddison likes to copy EVERYTHING Aaron does (which unfortunately includes a lot of tongue poking out and spitting!) ... sigh ...
In other news ... Aaron came home from school yesterday and the conversation went a bit like this ...
Aaron - Y & S (his friends) were at "Belly"
Me - (laughing to myself) You mean Y & S are at "Ballet"?
Aaron - Yes, but "Belly's" not for boys (said with very serious intent look!)
Me - (nearly splitting myself laughing at this stage) Oh ... so if ballet isn't for boys what do boys do?
Aaron - No Belly's for girls and boys do "Ben 10"
Me - Ben 10? How do you do Ben 10?
Aaron - Like this ... (and he strikes a sort of fighting pose!)
Where does he get these things from????? He has a sticker book of Ben 10 and that's it. I don't think he's found him on YouTube yet!!!
While we were in NZ I noticed my sisters middle boy saying little 'quotes' that Grandma, my sister and I say (are things like that heredity? hehehee) and we had some laughs about it. Since we have been home Aaron has been saying it as well and just in the last week Maddison has as well! I can't believe it. And the emphasis they put into it!!!!
The saying "what did I tell you"?
Aaron says it when he's especially mad with me that he's not getting his way about something and it's shouted with vigor.
Maddison says "I tell you"!!! And it's said very loud and very intently! (very very hard not to laugh at her actually!).
Phew - the things kids do to try you!
Maddison copies so much that Aaron does and says it's rather scary. Aaron has started getting dressed and undressed all by himself now and because he says "I can do it", she says "I do, I do, I do"!! And gets very ratty when I try and help or she gets her arms stuck! (I don't have a lot of patience to start with, but it's sure being tested lately!)
So that's us ... pretty normal for kids I suppose! LOL (I could do without the spitting and tongue poking out though!)
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Cindy Lee said...

Haha! Aaron is so cute! My 6 years old nephew like ben 10 too.

Mrs Frizz said...

They are delightful - love little Miss M's costume ... way too cute ...

What did I tell you ... love it!!!

topkatnz said...

not very keen on the spitting! eewwwhh! but the rest is cute - Ashlee is like me in the way she speaks and mannerisms - heredity vs conditioning??? .... Well, nothing that a few expensive sessions at the therapists won't sort out for them later!lol

Penny said...

LOL! oh yes, they are parrots I tell you. :)
My two are the same... what one has, the other one has to have also, what big brother does, little sister has to do too.
LOL at the belly/ben 10 thing... he is really getting the gender thing happening lately.

Serene Ho said...

Boy oh boy! I just couldn't stop laughing! It's too funny!

Anonymous said...

Wondering how tall Aaron is now, he really looks like he has started to shoot up - in the photos taken by the door. K, M, C & E

Ali Ibrahim said...
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