Friday, October 2, 2009

Moon Cake

This morning Maddison's class were making Moon Cakes so I asked if I could visit with my camera :-)  I must confess I was more interested to see how they were going to do baking with 20 little kids between the ages of 18 months and 2 and a half!  But they lose interest pretty quick and there was probably only about 8 or 10 that stayed at the table the whole time I was there.  
So first up they wash their hands :-)

Then they got given a little piece of lotus paste to roll into a ball!!!  (ummmmm they are used to playing with playdough and squashing it flat LOL)

See ...!!!

Maddison managed to do the taste test several times!!!

Then the dough/pastry was rolled flat.

The lotus paste ball placed in the centre.

And then wrapped up.

Then the fun part, (which requires you to hold you tongue just so obviously!) to press it into the mould.

Wack it out :-)

And there you have it!  ;-)  That's Maddison's one in the middle.

All I can say is thank goodness I am not a teacher!  It was barely organised chaos!  hehehee  If one wasn't eating the lotus balls, another was tipping the plastic trays onto the floor, and yet another spilling the bowl of flour!  LOL  (was fun to stand back and watch though hehee)


Yeong Shong said...
and yes..luckily I'm not a teacher, I already had headache cooking or baking with just one Grace

topkatnz said...

Interesting stuff - I'm fascinated by moon cakes, and just what is lotus paste?????

Penny said...

:) She's so cute.

Cindy Lee said...

Maddison is such a cutie pie, Rachel!! I love the pic where she stucked out her tongue! So cute!

dalla said...

soo cute..

Penelope Gan said...

not bad!