Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am being educated!

Aaron is educating me hehehee Yesterday he came home from school telling me this:
Aaron - "Y & S (his little girl friends) have "lick stick" and it's not for boys. "
Me - "Oh really"!
Aaron - "No it's not for boys Mummy, its for Princesses"!!
Me - "So you aren't a Princess then? Are your friends Princesses?"
Aaron - "Yes Princesses wear 'lick stick' but it's not for boys"!
LOL I just love it when he tells me things like that.
This morning we had the usual performance getting him ready for school and it was even worse because he knew he had to wear a "costume". Our conversation went like this:
Me - "Hurry and finish your breakfast Aaron, so you can get dressed, because Y & S will be here soon and they'll have their Indian costumes on".
Aaron - "No Mummy I not wearing costume and Y & S not wearing Indian costume, they are Princesses, they wear princesses dress"!
Me - (sniggering away to myself) "well actually they are dressed as Indian Princesses today and you can put your Indian costume on and be an Indian Prince, how will that me?"
That didn't actually work to be honest, but anyway we finally got his top on and I didn't even bother with the pants, so compromised and he wore some shorts. So he'll have to stand in the back row for his class photos so they don't see his 'mis-matched' costume hehehee
And because Mr 4 was putting on a fuss Miss 2 decided she didn't want to wear the pants to her outfit either! Sigh ... so here they are with "half" their costumes on! (we tried!)

And here's the four of them ... none of my photos of the four of them are very good actually, but they do show the kids being their typical selves! :-)
Hope to try and get a better photo of Aaron & Maddison after school today. Some of the children at school had such elaborate costumes on. They were amazing and the kids looked so cute. Just sorry I can't share pics of them all on here.
Oh and if you want to read a little blurb about some of my life history (LOL) then check it out here. :-)


topkatnz said...

That's funny because they don't look ANYTHING like AMERICAN Indians at all!!!ROFLMAO

mandyb said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.... as for these costume pics so so cute.... also love reading through all your past blog posts... as for cooking with small is exhausting... hence why us teachers need holidays!!!

now if you enter my blog 'picture' competition i PROMISE i will send you your favourite NZ chocolate!!!!

Penny said...

Ha ha!!! So you have to be a princess to wear lick stick ;)

The 4 of them are sweet.

Serene Ho said...

they look just beautiful and handsome in their "half" outfit.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

eeeeiiiii!! i just love seeing little kids in indian costumes! so prettyyyyyy!!!!!