Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clips on the Moon!!

This afternoon Aaron was on the computer (supposedly playing Little Einsteins games) when he yelled out "Mum come and see there's clips on the moon"!!!
So I go check him out and Little Einsteins are nowhere to be seen ... instead he's opened Google Earth and has opened up the moon tab and is checking it all out! And when he rolls the mouse around it looks like there's an "eclipse" (or in his words 'clips' on the moon) LOL

Honestly he's a worry! He is SOOO like his father messing about on the computer heheheeh ;-)
He also checked out Mars and was spinning that around all over the place, the whole time telling Maddison a whole lot of woffle about what he was doing heheheee (wish I had videoed it, would have been funny for him to listen to when he's older!).
Later on we went down to the playground. Aaron wanted to take his truck and shovel, so they each had a shovel. Aaron spent most of the time putting dirt in the truck and tipping it out near the slide!
Maddison spent some time on someone's bike just sitting ringing the bell!!
And doing the usual ... playing in the fountain! Although today the shovel made a good cup! How disgusting.
We left soon after that ... her dress was soaked and Aaron threw a tanti because another little boy wanted to play with his truck (didn't matter that Aaron was away playing with that little boys ball!!) Sigh ...
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Serene Ho said...

uh oh...be careful where he surfs! lol! Maddison is looking more like you Rachel, especially with her hair all bundled up ;) I just love your kids!

Penny said...

time to put NetNanny or K9 into action!?

topkatnz said...

hope you've got got 'baby-sitter' soft-ware installed! kids these days are very computer savvy! he's a worry that young Aaron!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wow... he's good!!