Thursday, October 30, 2008

Packing? What Packing???

I have made a start with the packing ... got a bit depressed though about how much stuff I have to squish into the case, so am taking a break! :-)

I can't believe that Maddison has so many long sleeve "winterish" type tops!!! And I haven't bought her one! I'm taking them all ... if I change her clothes twice a day for the next 3 weeks, she'll get to wear them at least twice! LOL (well she won't be wearing them here! she'll melt!)

So before I head back to the bedroom do some more cramming, here's a few more sneaks at what I've made for Scrap-n-Crop's November Kit.

I won't be posting any more sneak peeks ... the full reveal is on 1st November :-) Check the Scrap-n-Crop Gallery then.
1 more sleep! Aaron informed me yesterday that we were going on a plane, Maddison was going to sleep and Daddy, Mummy and Aaron were going to fly through the jungle!???? WHAT?? Should be an interesting trip :-)
Today at lunch he said we were off to see a moon beam :-) (snigger snigger) His mind is in over drive already ... I think I'll be putting his lead on him just in case his legs get into overdrive as well!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woo Hoots and other bits & bobs

Janines Woo Hoot Wednesday again ... eeeekkkk!!!

2 more sleeps before we leave on holiday :-)

Lyndon coming home today at 5pm :-)

Aaron having a sleep after school today so we could go out tonight ... won't go there with Maddison! (she flatly refused!)

Aaron telling me over and over and over again "I love you Mummy" when I was on the computer! Humm ... I suspect there may have been an obvious reason why he was saying that! :-) Nice to hear though, even if he did want to get on the computer! heheee

Found some little shoes in the cupboard that Maddison was given as a birth present and they fit her now! She's in shoe heaven ! :-) Insists on wearing them inside and trots around saying "shhhsss, shhhssss" (her word for shoes).

Finished my little house mini album. Won't show all the pages on here for obvious reasons, but here's some for you to see.

LOVE the wooden laser cut sky scraper scene of KL. It's one of my fav pages in the book. :-)

Did some pages to show places we've been etc.

Back cover - with a pic of a huge moth we saw outside our front door and another wooden laser cut KL thingy megiggy (actually both were fridge magnets and I cut the magnets off).Used stickers from the Rose Moka range that match the papers I used. So quick and they match :-) Even better :-)
Half completed my last mini album ... it doesn't look as nice as my house one ... you can tell I have done it in a big hurry, but I'm not going to stress about it. Just need to do journalling, covers and a few embellishments (it needs it since I didn't mat the photos and I probably should have!). Oh well ... people are going to look at the photos right? LOL
That's about it I think. I am off to bed, my eyes are bloodshot from too many late nights. Tomorrow's going to be busy as I haven't even started packing yet! (I know, typical us leaving things to the last minute!). So that's the afternoon's task while Aaron is at school.
I'll leave you with a couple more sneak peeks at what I've done with Scrap-n-Crop's November kit.

This first one goes with the "cut out" peek from yesterday :-) Can you tell what I cut out?

Kinda Sweet Challenge

Kinda Sweet are running their first challenge - the theme is black & white. Check here for details ... LO's are due 2nd November. Give it try - there's RAKS to be won :-)

Here's my take on it ... although I went black and silver more than black and white! (whoops!) I like that Coredinations cardstock ... you can't really tell in this pic, but I sanded it and the core is a grey colour, so it matched in with the patterned paper.

Coredinations cardstock - black (from Kinda Sweet)
PP - Pink Paislee Hip Huggers (from Kinda Sweet)
Grungeboard florish
Maya Road sheer journaling tag
Versafine black ink
Silver Glimmer mist
Sanding block
Sheer Writer pen

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where did the long weekend go?

It just disappeared ... !!!

3 more sleeps till we leave for our holiday :-) Hummm ... I still have a lot to do!

In the weekend we went out to Scrap-n-Crop so I could pick up some stuff :-) And thought you might like to see Maddison's new "handbag" heheee She's been strutting round home with it on too.

She tried on some gumboots that used to fit Aaron, but they are still too big for her, and boys did she kick up a fuss when I took them off her! Honestly little girl, they are just gumboots!!!!

I've nearly completed my little house album, so pretty pleased about that. Want to go out later this afternoon and take a couple more photos to add to it and then I should be about done :-) Woo Hoo.
I've made a HUGE list of stuff to pack for our holiday ... now the challenging part is to make sure it's going to fit in the bags! Hahahaa
Here's a couple of sneak peaks of what I've created with the November kit from Scrap-n-Crop. The kit will be revealed on 1st November and the SnC Gallery will be open too with all the examples of what Sharmaine & I have made.

Heheeeheee - does anyone else do this??? :-) Cut out bits of the patterned paper??? (Making sure of course that it's going to be covered up with photos or something!) :-) Good job you don't see that when it's in my album aye!

Okay ... off to tackle some more washing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woo Hoot

Janine's Woo Hoot Wednesday again :-)

2 more sleeps till Lyndon's home and Woo Hoot he's not going away for any more over night trips till after we get home from holiday :-)

10 more sleeps till we land in New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!! (Whoa that means tomorrow it's single digits!! agghhhh I have so much to do before then!) :-}

Next Monday is a public holiday :-)

Woo Hoot for free entertainment watching Aaron on a sugar high! Another birthday party today at school, but the "rush" wasn't as bad. And apparently there's another party tomorrow! Help us ... couldn't they space it out a bit! Today's goodie bags thankfully didn't have any lollies ... very sensible! :-)

I took the kids shopping today to buy some birthday presents and Woo Hoot they were very well behaved (for them!). Maddison spotted a doll though and was VERY keen to have it, so I thought why not. I always seem to buy things for Aaron. Well she's made me laugh today. She trots around with it tucked under her arm, then stops for a bit and gives it a hug (all the while burbling away in her own little language), then when she sees something else interesting, she just tosses the doll away and that's that! When she's finished with whatever the interesting thing was she picks up the doll gives it a cuddle and off she goes again with it tucked under her arm :-) LOL

Here's some pics of her ... Sorry about the dummy Grandma, I took it out for the next photos! I couldn't get a pic of her cuddling the doll ... maybe tomorrow. You can see the doll has been tossed while she inspects "Mr Barry Benson Bee". (I will be very interested to see how long the hair on the doll stays neat and tidy for!) :-)

I've finished off 2 LO's today and also made a card for Aaron's little girl friends birthday. Can't show you the LO's as they are samples for next months Kit from Scrap-n-Crop's Kit Club :-) So watch this space ... I will do some sneaky peeks next week. I can show you the card I made though ... using these papers here from the Helen Dardik range.

That's about it I think. Hope you'll having a good week. :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can he read my mind???

I have some conversations to share with you today ... and I really would like to know if Aaron can read my mind (a very scary thought!!).

Both kids had a sleep this morning :-) Woo Hoo. I had to wake Aaron at 1pm so he could have lunch before going to school.

When I picked him up at 4.30pm he was fair bouncing off the walls! Total SUGAR overload! A little girl in his class had her birthday party today ... hummm I didn't see the cake, but I saw the effects! You should have seen what was in his goodie bags!!! (he got 2 - stickers, pencil and rubber, mask, lollies, crackers and some little jelly things and another bag with about 4 biscuits and mini cupcakes covered in chocolate.) Well he was just SOOOO excited that I let him have a cupcake and a cracker and put the rest up out of his reach, but the damage had already been done!

I was lying on the couch just looking at him running here and there, getting into this and that thinking I really should get tea on the go and he runs up to me with Cranky the Crane from his Thomas set, puts Cranky on my tummy and says "Mummy", "yes Aaron", "Cranky Crane - are you cranky?"!!!!! I just snorted with laughter and said well actually yes I am! LOL

Then during tea I was in my own little space thinking of a blog title for todays post and was thinking along the lines of "Tuesday's T i grr grr ific Bounce" (you have to spell that like Tigger does T i double Grr :-) !!) when Aaron pipes up and says "bounce, bounce, bounce, Mummy - Tigger's bouncing on his tail!"

So can he really read my mind??? It's a worrying thought!

And yes there's more ... while I was doing the dishes he was marching about with a whistle and he'd blow it then say "STOP you toys in the name of Aaron", then he'd march a bit more and blow the whistle again and say "STOP you trains in the name of Aaron". Oh I did laugh. That is a direct quote from Mr Plod from Noddy - he blows his whistle and says "Stop in the name of Plod". LOL I will have to get a photo of him marching and blowing for a scrapbook page I think :-)

Here's a pic of him today ... his teacher told me she was very very proud of him because he concentrated long enough to string together these small beads for an ankle bracelet! (usually he's too busy looking around at what everyone else is doing and giving them helpful advice hahahaa) He thought he was pretty cool. (You should have seen him singing and doing the actions for `here we go Loopy Loo, here we go Loopy Lie, ... you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out ... etc'. All to show off that ankle. LOL)

So that's our day. And tomorrow at school there's more cake and goodies, so help me! I am going to need some happy pills! It's exhausting watching him tear about! :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday's Monkeys!!

Ahh I've had some laughs today! Lyndon went to work this morning and flew in the door while we were just sitting down for lunch, grabbed his suitcase, said goodbye, and was off out the door again. He's off to Taiwan this week. Anyway, as soon as the door closed Aaron starts asking "where's Daddy?" (this is a pretty standard question and I get asked it several times a day! yawn yawn!) So I explained he was going in a taxi to the airport, then going in a big plane to Taiwan for work. I showed him on the world map we have on the wall by the table, "here's Taiwan, and here's where we live in Kuala Lumpur and Daddy's flying all the way from here to there". Sat back down and ate a bit of lunch and get the same question again "where's Daddy?" "Aaron, I already told you, Daddy has gone in a big plane to Taiwan". "Noooo Mummy, Daddy in Koala Bear!" LOL actually I nearly fell of my seat laughing. I had to explain it wasn't "koala bear", it was Kuala Lumpur, but he was very sure I was wrong and he was right! Oh to be the age of 3 and know everything!!! :-)

Yesterday afternoon before he had his sleep he was mucking about in the computer room and I got of the computer to go and check on Maddison and I come back to find he's opened up google and typed in his name and has done a jolly google search on Aaron! So proud of himself he was. I think I have a bruise on my jaw where it hit the floor. Will have to get a photo of him doing it I think so I can scrap it. Little smarty pants. What's he going to be like in another 3 years!!! He'll run rings around me ... I am getting nervous already!!!!

Anyway, back to today. The morning involved several big train crashes ...

And in the afternoon while Aaron was at school, there were new hats to try on.
And finish demolishing the train set while big brother is at school. (Cheeky monkey!)

Then at tea, Aaron decided his spaghetti would make good train tracks on the table, so in between eating every second one, he was laying them out on the table!!

Maddison just stuffed as much as she could in her mouth at once! (I have a series of these photos, I won't blog them all as they aren't pretty ... but I am going to scrap them, particularly the one near the end where she's gagging!) heheheee She's going to hate me later in life! :-)

After tea I rebuilt the train wreck to a smaller model on the table. His nibs declared it a "Good Job Mummy"!! :-) (I am useful for some things!) heheee

This afternoon when I took Aaron to school I got given the invoice for next term and told that Aaron's moving up a class, he'll still be doing the afternoon session though. So I asked who else in his class was moving and got told they all are, but they have all been moved to the morning session! I was a bit stunned actually and felt it really mean that he had been left in the afternoon and all his little friends had moved to the morning. So went home and phoned his little girl friends Mum and spoke to Lyndon and ended up going back an hour later and asking for clarification on a few matters!! Feel better now that I know why they did that ... all the other kids were on a waiting list to be moved into a morning session, the decision wasn't made because Aaron was "special, or difficult, or busy"!! :-) So will wait and see what the other kids are going to do. If he's the only one staying in the afternoon session of his group of friends then I think I will move him to the morning session. But at this stage I think his little girlfriend is going to stay in the afternoon session too. So I'm pleased about that. Afternoon's suit me fine at the moment :-) He will have a new teacher next year too. He knows who she is though, so won't be a huge change for him which is good.
So that's been our day. I haven't done very much on the scrap front today, but I did get a bit done on Saturday. Can't show you yet though. Nah Nah Nah :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Couple of LO's

Here's a couple of LO's ... the Park one I've had the photos printed and sitting with the paper for ages, and last night decided to just do it!! Absolutely thrilled with the title :-) The chipboard letter are from Collections (some of my old stash) and I just used some Jenni Bowlin branches & leaves rubbons on them. I am loving it :-) A great way to use up rubbons and cover naked chipboard heheee

Love these little brads too ... so cute.
This one I put together and finished this morning. It's pretty simple, but I like it. Love that photo of the kids.

Materials are from Kinda Sweet unless otherwise stated:
Park LO
Patterned Papers - Rusty Pickle (Paradise Swim), Graphic 45 (Secret Garden)
Stemma - Summer Epoxy Brad
Chipboard Alphas - Collections (my stash)
Alpha Stickers - Karen Foster, All My Memories (from my really really old stash!)
Jenni Bowlin Rubons on Chipboard Alpha title (my stash)
Summer Fun LO
Patterned Papers - Rusty Pickle (Pacific Luau)
Cardstock - Bazzill (my stash)
Rusty Pickle Sunshine stickers
Stemma - Summer Epoxy Brads
Making Memories paint (my stash)

Kinda Sweet have added some charms to their shop as well - check them out, very cool :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Friday

Well it has been fun most of the morning :-)

Aaron spent quite a while on the computer playing on the Disney website and discovered Donald Duck! Sooooo exciting you just wouldn't believe! LOL

And this little rascal has decided to climb everything she possibly can. The covers are away being drycleaned thanks to Aaron, so it's easy to dig those little toes in and scoot up the back of the couch! It freaks me out a bit though when we are so high up and she can open the window! I feel like I should have a rope or chain around her and anchored to the floor! LOL

And I've been having fun too :-) Yesterday I did quite a bit on my house mini album. I've had a Maya Road House Board Book for ages but was reluctant to start on it because it opened book form at the bottom, so every open page one house was upside down and it just didn't look right to me. So I cut it to bits and am really pleased with it. (Had a look at Maya Road's website and they don't have this book listed now, probably for that very reason! heheee) Just going to use my Big Bite and punch a couple of holes on the left side for rings and it will be done :-) Isn't that the cooooooolest door plate :-) Heheheee Got at at Scrap-n-Crop on Monday. (If Val thought she could discreetly price new stock and not let me see, she thought wrong! :-) LOL)

I've used the new Rose Moka papers I got from SnC on the inside pages and am loving how they look. Actually not sure I want to cover them up with photos now!

Pretty cool aye.

And this morning while Aaron was on the computer and Maddison climbing the couch, I decorated this set of drawers I got from Ikea. Remember that black and white mannequin I did for one of the challenges for Project Scrap Away? (you can see it here) Well I had heaps of left over black and white papers, so decided I would use some of them on the drawers, and of course I had to add some poppies :-) I cut them out of the patterned paper (and then mounted them onto red Bazzill). Haven't done stems for them yet, still thinking about that. I've used these papers: Urban Lily California Collection - Poppies; Tinkering Ink Noir Blanc Collection - Lauren Bacall; and part of a Teresa Collins - Damask Die Cuts.

Lyndon's back tonight :-) Not sure what we are going to do this weekend. Right ... of to do some scrap stuff while Maddison is still sleeping and Aaron's at school.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well we've had Monday's Mantra party, Tuesday's Trials, Wednesday's Woo Hoots, wonder if today will be Thursday's Terrors, Thrills, or Tribulations! And Friday ... Fab Friday maybe? LOL Wait and see I guess.

This morning I went through some of Maddison's clothes in readiness for our holiday. She has heaps of long sleeve winter tops, so we are sorted there. Here's a couple of pics of her in a little skirt she was given when she was born, and I have struggled to find a top. Anyway, got this little blouse in the weekend :-) It's funny seeing her and she's not wearing pink! LOL

Check this out ... a new collection of papers from Websters called "Hello Beautiful". For some reason my eye is drawn to the browns and reds :-)

You can go in a draw to win this collection here.

Okay - off to play with my next mini album now :-) Have a good day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woo Hoot Wednesday

I just can't believe Wednesday's come round so jolly quick! So ... Janine's Woo Hoot Wednesday. On my list is: -
2 more sleeps till Lyndon's home.
16 more sleeps till we leave for our holiday (those 16 sleeps are going to go real fast I think!!).
Maddison has added a new word to her vocab ... "carcar" which is cracker :-) So she says Muuuuuummmmmmmmm (I presume that's my name LOL), Dada, sh's (shoes), carcar (cracker), claps her hands when you say good girl. I think that's all.
Hearing Aaron singing a Barney song while sitting on the potty on Monday night. I was in Maddison's room feeding her and putting her to bed, so I couldn't grab the video camera, but it was so cute. This is what he sung (in his words!):
I wuf you, You wuf me
We a happy fambily
A big hug and kiss from you and me
Won't you say wuf me toooooooo
I wuf you, You wuf me
We best friends like friends be
With big hug and kiss from you and me
Won't you say wuf me toooooo
:-) Cute huh ? I had a wee tear in my eye actually. He didn't get all the words, but it's pretty much all there. And what made it extra special was he sang it loud and clear (obviously his dummy wasn't in his mouth!) LOL
Tonight when Maddison gave him a hug goodnight he put his arm around her and said in a wee whisper "I love you Maddison". And of course no camera anywhere in sight! :-( Might have to have it ready next time.
I finished a mini album of our trip to the butterfly park and altered a Maya Road chipboard tin to put it in.
Completed a LO for Kinda Sweet which I will blog about later this week or next. :-)
Aaron sort of co-operated today while we went through his clothes to see what he can wear when we are back in NZ. It won't be winter there, but will still be colder than here. You can tell he's so happy to have long trousers on and a jacket! LOL Had to have the aircon on so he didn't sweat :-) Anyway he was really quite good in the fact that I managed to get him to try on 6 pairs of trousers a couple of shirts, a vest, couple of jackets and a suit :-) Looks so happy doesn't he!!! hehehehee
This little suit is so cute. Lyndon bought it earlier in the year when he went to India. It's corduroy! Not what one would wear here, but anyway it fits him so he can wear it now and again when we are back in NZ for 3 weeks :-) I need to get the trousers taken up, but otherwise it fits fine.
And Little Miss had to try the tie on :-) NICE, especially matches the Bob the Builder hat she has in her hand LOL
Went grocery shopping this morning at the local supermarket and found this neat tin of "carcar's" :-) I love fancy decorated tins, so another one to add to my collection :-) I like shopping at the local supermarket too, because I can walk there, bring back frozen and breakable goods and the rest get delivered free of charge later in the day :-)

Enjoyed watching Maddison play this afternoon in my plastics cupboard! She loves hats! Check out her beautiful dummy clip. LOL She's a little pest chucking it away then screaming because she can't find it, so this way at least it has something bright and long on it that can be seen if it's under the couch!

This isn't part of my woo hoot list ... but the day ended like this! Aaron had been sitting on the potty in front of his bookcase reading books (nightly ritual!) and I was doing the dishes. After a bit he scampered out and grinned at me! I was very cross!! His face was WHITE! Yep, he'd been into the talcum powder! I grabbed the camera to get a pic of him, but he dived into his bed and wiped it all off on the sheets! Like the trail of footprints out the door?!!

Here's my album & tin. It's pretty simple, but it's done :-) (2 more mini albums to go before I go on holiday!!)

Maddison checking out the tin! Don't tell me she's going to be into handbags as well as hats and shoes! :-)
I haven't added much journalling to the album as it's pretty self explanatory. Tried to use gold pen, but it didn't show up very well, so used black. Need to get a fine black pen I think! Also see I have missed some bling of a couple of small butterflies so will have to go and do that. :-) Oh and I want to alcohol ink the silver ring for the album. It doesn't look good silver!
So that's our day done and dusted. And I think I will head to bed for an early night (well early for me!). Got a better sleep last night, Maddison did wake a couple of times, but settled again which was nice :-)
Materials (from Scrap-n-Crop unless otherwise stated):
Empty Maya Road Chipboard Tin
Maya Road Butterfly from Butterflies chipboard sheet
Adirondack Colour Wash - Cranberry
Maya Road Mist - Brown
Prima Flowers
Alcohol inks - cranberry, lettuce, caramel, gold
Gold brads (my stash)
Maya Road Butterfly Coaster album
Adirondack Colour Wash - Cranberry
Maya Road Mist - Brown
Stewart Superior Metallic Mist - Bright Gold
Maya Road Butterflies from Butterflies chipboard sheet
Metal Golden Victorian Filigree Butterfly
Hero Arts gemstones (my stash)
PSX Gold alpha stickers (my stash ... really really old stash!!)