Monday, June 30, 2008

Off to the Circus??

Hee hee ... that's what Aaron said this morning when Lyndon left for work. "Daddy going to circus?" Wonder if he's working at the circus or just watching? A step up from the playground anyway! hee hee

Also he informed me so seriously this morning that "Maddison must have dropped it and made a mess"! Actually Maddison was with me the whole time so I knew jolly well it was himself that had dropped his bowl of crumbly cake!

And ... (yes there's more) while I was feeding Maddison before putting her back to bed I could hear him getting into something in the store cupboard, so I called out "What are you doing Aaron" and he calls back "Yeeaaasssss Darling"! :-) Unfortunately it didn't stop him from getting into the stuff he was into!

I participated in an on-line crop in the weekend (Scrap-n_Crop) ... 1st challenge was to scrap a photo of your favourite food ... which for me is probably chocolate but since I can't get my bestest favourite here to take a photo of, I decided to do my fav drink. (Another page for my BOM.) You have to read the journalling ... it's classic.

Journalling - My favourite drinks are from Secret Recipe … Frosted Lemon Tea and Frosted Watermelon absolutely DELICIOUS. But not just any iced lemon tea will do for me … it has to be Frosted Lemon Tea from Secret Recipe. Today Lyndon went to get lunch from the local market and he also went to Secret Receipt and ordered an Iced Lemon Tea. The Waiter said “No she’d get a big surprise because she normally gets a Frosted Lemon Tea!” … shows how often I get a drink from our local Secret Recipe Restaurant doesn’t it!! 29 June 2008

2nd challenge was to scrap something unconventional. I did a party hat (one lady used rubber bands and another lady cotton buds!!) Also I used purple ... that's unconventional for me in scrapbooking. It's not a colour I use much at all!

3rd challenge was to use corrugated cardboard.

Photos for 2nd and 3rd challenge are from September 2006 (yay more photos scrapped from the BIG pile!).

Okay better go and sort something out for lunch get Aaron off to school and work on my coasters.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Face Carving!

Okay, so Lyndon got home about 3.30pm yesterday and at 4pm I got a call on my cell phone from school saying Aaron had been into the plants in the playground and his face was badly scratched ... did I want to come and see!

What actually happened was he was driving his "bike" around and was going around the potted plants they have in one of the corners and must have brushed his face on the leaves which made his face itchy so he decided to scratch ... real hard and vigorously by the looks! So his handsome looks are badly marred! (Sorry Aunty Irene!)

The teacher and principal were so upset, but I had to laugh because when Aaron saw us he pulled this face, such a "poor me, sad face" he hee

He's stopped touching it now which is good, hopefully he won't pick at the scabs. He makes me laugh though because everytime he goes past a mirror he does that look. :-(

Friday, June 27, 2008


Do you know what I forgot to Woo Hoo about on Wednesday! My new Fiskars Threading Water Punch. It's great ... have used it a few times (practice you know!!), but haven't actually used any of my practicing on a LO yet.

I got happy mail this week too :-) Penny made this cool eco bag for me and she even drew poppies on it. Thanks heaps ... I love it :-)

I had a clean out a few days ago of all my patterned papers that I know I will never use in my albums. Some of them date back about 10 years (humm ... what a hoarder I am!). So I bundled this lot up and took it to Aaron's school this afternoon. The teacher was VERY excited. I told her that I was giving it to her on the condition that she showed me what they make with it! hee hee.

The kids were awake at 7 this morning and Tess said she was coming at 8am, but in reality it was after 9am by the time she got here on the bus. Anyway we were up and dressed before she got here so that was good! Aaron was so grumpy and grizzly last night, he was in bed and asleep before 8pm, but by 9.30 this morning he was just nasty. So I put him back to bed around 10 and he went straight to sleep ... can't say the same about Maddison! She was just a rascal. She loves the attention from Tess and I think that was the problem this morning, because a couple of times I tried to put her down and she'd scream her nut off and I'd come out and Tess would have her back up! (hummm ... ) Anyway I just waited till 12 then gave her lunch and put her back down after Tess left :-) So she's out to it now and Aaron is at school. Lyndon would have landed back in KL now, and I told Aaron that Daddy would pick him up from school today, so he's pretty excited about that.

Here's a pic of Maddison this morning having a big drink ... it's very thirsty work you know being a builder and playing with all your brothers tools! I wonder if she will ever be into dolls ... probably not!

On the water front ... it's better this morning, but was still bad last night, so will be interesting to see if it's the same again tonight. Yesterday I went down after taking Aaron to school and asked what was happening with my complaint as no-one had been to see me and I filled out the form on Tues morning. The admin guy said I had to ring the maintenance man!!! I ask you ... anyway Maddison pitched a fit when I took the keys off her to open the door and by the time I got that dealt with I completely forgot about ringing him. So did it this morning and he goes "oh you provided a sample". "Yes I did". "Oh well I have to talk to my manager". "Right ... well will you be doing that today?". "Possibly". I got off the phone and the more I thought about that conversation the madder I got ... does anyone else get like that? So I sat down and wrote a letter (cause if I filled out another form they wouldn't be able to read it - I have to concentrate too hard to write neatly!!) ... the letter had some short sentences in it like "I'm sorry, but I find that totally unacceptable", "it's disgusting", and "I expect to hear TODAY". I also wrote that I didn't think it was just a coincidence that both my kids have runny noses! I remember last time we had bad water both the kids had runny noses and high temps. Lyndon has also spoken to the agent who showed us through the place and signed us up and he's going to talk to the owner. So we'll see what happens and if it does happen today! Haven't heard anything yet and it's already after 2.30pm!

On a happier note ... here's some more of Aaron's sayings:

This morning he got up to my craft table while I was on the computer and was fiddling with my polka dot coasters for challenge #6 of Project Scrap Away and I asked him to get down. He said to me (so seriously too) "You look at Puter Mummy okay, Aaron busy!!!!" Well my jaw nearly fell off! Little monkey.

He's taken to saying "Good job" for lots of things too. Must be something he's picked up from school. I was changing Maddison's nappy yesterday and he said to me "Good job Mummy" (snigger snigger!). And I got a "good job" when I put his build-a-train back together this morning! I love the tone of voice he uses ... so congratulatory (if that's such a word - oh must be spell checker didn't pick it up).

This morning I was getting breakfast ready for him (cornflakes, yogurt and banana) and I dropped some cornflakes on the floor and he goes "tsk (you know the noise you make with your tongue) Oh excuse me .... silly Mummy"! (hee hee I do find it so hard not to laugh at him sometimes).

The other day at school he was given a picture of a kiwi to colour in and I asked him "Aaron what does a kiwi say" (such a meanie I am). He looks a bit puzzled for a minute then gives me a big grin and goes "kaachoo kaachoo". I cracked up. He was making a sneeze noise and thinks that's what a kiwi says. hee hee

I've also noticed that Maddison has a word she uses for Aaron, not all the time, but quite a bit. And today I heard it properly ... it's "AhhhDaaa". Which Tess informs me is "coming" (or something to do with come) in Philippines. (whatever)

Okay that's enough ramble ... if you have managed to read this far!

I have a lunch date (with the kids) next Wednesday with all the workers (fingers crossed the kids will be well behaved!). And on Sunday 6th after specials Wallace and Gary are coming to stay :-) Lucky aye.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woo Hoo's and other stuff

Woo Hoo I made it to the next round in Scrap-n-Crop's Project Scrap Away. If you want to see the rest of the talent check out this link here.

Woo Hoo 2 more sleeps and Lyndon is home.

Woo Hoo for 2 nights in a row Aaron has gone to bed in the evening really nicely! No getting out of bed, no asking for treats or water, no hiding behind curtain filling his nappy!!! (Could be he hasn't had a sleep during the day, but I am not complaining when he goes to bed and goes to sleep at night instead of mucking about for an hour or two!!!) :-)

Woo Hoo - one month today and Maddison turns 1 (how scary is that!).

Now for the not so woo hoo's!! The water in our apartment is yucky again. We noticed it on Sunday night when the kids had their bath, and then last night it was worse and this morning I thought the water smelt funny when I was showering, but when I went to brush my teeth ... egghhhh. I was nearly sick. So I took a sample down to the management office and filled in a complaint form. Humm ... see how long it takes them to respond this time!

Aaron has a new saying - Yaaaasssss. For some reason he's started saying yes like that. And now when I ask him if he's done poos in his nappy that's what he says "yaaaaassss" then runs off! Before he'd say "I don't think so!". Could I take this as a positive sign he's getting ready for more potty training??? I HOPE SO. (fingers crossed anyway)

This morning we went down to the playground. On Monday I bought Maddison a little pair of trousers because she can't crawl with her dresses and skirts on and didn't fancy her crawling outside with just her singlet on :-) So I got a size one and had to breath deep to do up the dome! Oh well they should last till she starts walking which I don't think will be far away. To make her outfit more special she had on a pair of Aaron's navy socks because she only has one pair of shoes and they are white and I didn't want her wearing them in the playground ... they wouldn't stay white long! Here's some pics :-)

Just think when she's my age she can do a mini album on how her mother dressed her!! :-)

She thought she was the bees knees on Aaron's bike (Nana and Grandad bought her a pink one for her bd which is in hiding so Aaron can't find it). Looking forward to getting some pics of her on that :-) Aaron's not so keen on sharing his unfortunately.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Challenge #5 Entry

Here's my entry for challenge #5 for Scrap-n-Crop's Project Scrap Away. (The gallery hasn't been loaded for public viewing yet, but I expect it will be later today ... the lady that usually does it is ill ... it's hard not being able to see what the others have done!!) This challenge was:

Create a LO using 1 word or many long as they inspire you! What is your favourite word? Are you known for a catch-phrase? What was the last thing you said?

So what was I to do except do a LO on our own resident Chatterbox!! :-) And he talks so much I had to do a double LO! hee hee

Found it quite hard to take photos of it actually, but here it is:

The "C" is chipboard and I've used silver UTEE (ultra think embossing enamel) for a couple of layers then black UTEE around the edges. Really pleased how it came out actually (even if I do say so myself!!) :-)

Each square has a saying or a snippet of conversation on it from Aaron and underneath each I have hidden journaling with an explanation on the conversation, or explaining where and why he uses that particular saying. (This LO was a GREAT way to use up some of my really old stash of metal alphas etc.! I was rather surprised at what I found!!) :-)

Journaling reads:~

Title: Chatterbox
Aaron you are such a Chatterbox … here are a few of your popular sayings and some snippets of conversation from June 2008

Hello Darling how you?
Hidden Journaling : When Maddison wakes up from her sleep you like going into her room and talking to her through the cot bars and you often say to her “hello Darling how you”? She just squeals with excitement!

Watch out yourself
Hidden Journaling : One day you were swinging around a toy snake in the lounge and it was hitting the furniture and I told you several times to watch out as it could hurt Maddison. You didn’t seem to be taking much notice and when you knocked some books over I said again to watch out and you replied “watch out yourself”!

Daddy going to playground
Hidden Journaling : In early June Daddy went to Japan for 10 days then he had a day back home then was in Singapore for 2 days. The following Monday when Daddy left for work you said “Daddy going to Japan”, we said “no Daddy was going to work”. Then you said “Daddy going to Singapore”. “No, Daddy taking the car and going to work in the city” we replied. Then you announced “Daddy going to Playground”!

Excuse me
Hidden Journaling : You use the words “Excuse me” every time you want to push past me or in front of me to get at whatever it is I am doing.

Noooo too noisy
Hidden Journaling : Quite often when I am telling you off for being naughty you interrupt with “Noooo, too noisy”.

Aaron not finished Mummy, just wait
Hidden Journaling : You love getting up to my craft table and playing with my punches and adhesives and when I ask you to get down, you say “Aaron not finished Mummy, just wait”!

You’re Beautiful
Hidden Journaling : You are beautiful Aaron and I often tell you so, especially when you do something really sweet. I laughed the day you were watching me download some photos of you in your Indian costume for your school concert and you looked at the picture of yourself and said “You’re beautiful”.

ohh sorry
Hidden Journaling : “Ohh Sorry” is used a lot, especially when you drop a book, a train or your drink bottle. You have to be reminded though to say you’re sorry when you hurt Maddison.

I don’t think so
Hidden Journaling : When I ask you if you have done poos in your nappy and I can tell you have by the smell, I find it amusing to hear you say “I don’t think so” when it’s so obvious that you have.

Thank you you’re welcome
Hidden Journaling : I sometimes have to remind you to say thank you when I give you things and when you say the magic words I say to you “you’re welcome”. I love watching you teaching Maddison as well, you give her a book and say “thank you Maddison, you’re welcome” in the same sentence.

There you are Mummy all fixed
Hidden Journaling : First thing in the morning when I go into the computer room you rush ahead of me and push the button to start the computer and turn and say to me “there you are Mummy all fixed”.

So Beautiful, so beautiful, beautiful bug … opps, oh dear, oh NO bike squashed beautiful bug
Hidden Journaling : You were playing on the floor with a toy bike watching a little bug crawling along. You accidently squashed the bug with your bike.

In a minute
Hidden Journaling : When you are asked to come to the table for meal times and you are busy playing or reading books, your response is generally “in a minute”.

Why not
Hidden Journaling : For some reason you use the words “why not” when you don’t want to do or go some where. For example, “why not to school”, or “why not home” (this one is said when we are heading home in the car and you decide you want to go somewhere else – like the park!).

School Stuff

Aaron came home from school with a bag of artwork, his work folder and his school "report" :-) Imagine, a 2 yr 10mth old being "graded" hee hee

He had fun showing me all his bits and pieces. He did the butterfly on the bag and the fan, and the butterfly painting/colouring in, is one of his first attempts at school. It's dated in January. The latest butterfly is coloured in with pencil (or should I say scribbled over - you can tell which bits the teachers have done!).

They have been "studying" people of the world, so a lot of their art has been based on whatever country they have been looking at at the time. Here he is holding a didgeridoo I think (might have to ask the teacher!), koala, Korean drum, Japanese face (lipstick got a bit smeared by the looks!) and a fish ... not sure if that's for China or Japan though (something else to check!).

Here's some pics of him going through his work folder exclaiming over all his drawings and work sheets. :-) haa haa He spent a long time telling me all about the Kangaroo and Koala. (He likes Kangaroos because Winnie the Pooh as 2 friends Kanga and Roo!!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

No time ...

For long drawn-out goodbyes this morning!

Not sure what time I got up to feed Maddison again ... must have been between 5 and 5.30am I think. Anyway I feed her and she fell asleep on me when I was burping her and I must have dosed off as well ... I woke up with a snore neck and put her back in bed and staggered back to bed myself, but just happened to glance at the clock ... 6.40am. Hummm Lyndon was still in bed snoring softly and Aziz the taxi driver was picking him up at 6.45am to take him to the airport (he's off to Thailand for the week). My first thought was the kids had been playing with the clock so I dashed to the bathroom to check my watch and no the time was correct, so I turned on the lights, woke Lyndon and he did a mad dash for the shower. In approximately 8 minutes, he'd showered, dressed, grabbed his bag and threw me a kiss and was gone!! Okay he hadn't shaved and he looked a bit (no make that a lot) dozy on it, but he was less than 10 minutes late!

I found out later that his alarm on his phone had gone off at 6am, but he got up, turned it off and jumped straight back into bed!! Duh ... what's the point of setting your alarm if you are going to do that???

While we were having breakfast Aaron asked where Daddy was. So I told him he'd gone in a plane and he was going to Thailand and showed him on the world map we have on the wall by the dining table where we lived and where Thailand was. I said "here's where we live and here's Thailand up here and Daddy's plane goes weeeeee from here to there" (or something like that). Aaron said "Daddy's gone plane to Thailand up by the light"! Obviously what I said to him "up here" translated into Aaron speak is up by the light!! haa haa

I am about 70% complete with Challenge 5 of Scrap-n-Crop's Project Scrap Away. :-) Have run out of card (slight miscalculation on my part) I have used for mounting, so need to pop out and get some more this afternoon while Aaron is at school. I am really thrilled with how this LO has come together. It's something I have been wanting to do for a while, so the challenge was a great excuse. No sneak peeks sorry ... you will have to wait till tomorrow night my time to see. ;-)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Had to take some photos of Aaron today (you'll see why in a few days) and of course I couldn't leave Maddison out of it!

Mum bought this little dress for Maddison when she was here at the beginning of the year, it's size 12 months, but the matching knickers I can't get up over her thighs! and I think I will have to take the elastic out of the sleeves ... a wee bit tight, and the ribbon belt has been removed because it sits about an inch above where it should :-) The length is perfect though and I love the colours on her (a change from all her pink) :-)

It's reminded me though that I really need to check all her clothes out in the next few days to see what's fitting now, because she probably could have been wearing this dress a month ago! Oh well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday ... busy day!

Playing in Thomas tent ... you have to side on the sides though so the tent is half collapsing!





We went out for tea and Aaron had a babychino! Spot the dribble trail!

Then Maddison had her first haircut! Lyndon was having his done at the same time which meant I couldn't get a picture of her sitting on the chair (a rabbit seat ... it was pretty cool).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Meal Out

Just a quick post with a few pics of our meal out last night. We went to a chinese restaurant with some friends, great company, delicious food and what's more Aaron had great delight checking out all the carp in the ponds, getting wet from the little fountains in the pools and watching the waterfalls!!!

The crabs were cooked with the rice in a clay pot. The rice was really yummy, the crabs were good too, but VERY messy to eat!!

Some sort of fish in that metal dish (I didn't want to know if it was one of the carp from their ponds!!!)
Chicken feet for anyone???

Little Miss Muffet!

Aaron playing with his little bowl of soy sauce! (being a little piglet in other words)

This is a typical photo actually of any restaurant we go to! Aaron standing in his high chair, and a waitress hovering around the kids while I am trying to shovel food into their mouth!!! This instance the waitress is doing the "high-five" with Maddison (she can do it too!).