Monday, July 20, 2009

Earthquakes, braids, bumps, hail & Daddy!

It's been an eventful few days!!! Last Wednesday night we had some hum-dinger earthquakes! I tell you ... I truly felt the earth move and Lyndon wasn't even with me!!! ;-) Can't say I enjoyed the experience to be honest ... it was a bit scary and I stood thinking, should I wake the kids and hide under the dining table!?!
We have been keeping an eye on this site and there have been heaps more earthquakes since ... I haven't felt them all (thankfully), the big one was this ...

Reference Number: 3124785
NZST: Wed, Jul 15 2009 9:22 pm
Magnitude: 7.8
Depth: 12 km
Details: 100 km north-west of Tuatapere
I am very cross with myself though because I wish I had taken a photo of the light swinging during the 1st big earthquake. It was nearly touching the ceiling it was swinging so much. You had to see it to believe it.
So some other photos of what we've been doing ...
The kids and their cousins visiting the animals at Queens Park.

Grandma did Maddison's hair into little plaits :-) Cute huh!
One side at the back is a bit thin as it's not very long from where Aaron had a go at cutting it!!

Sunday morning was an early start! The kids were up and helping themselves to breakfast when I decided I better check on them as they were being a bit quiet!! Cornflakes, rice bubbles, milk, yoghurt were all out.
And Aaron was just getting the sugar he told me!!
We watched the sun rise while having breaky.
Then about 9am Miss Muffett head planted the coffee table while wearing Grandma's boots and put a great dent in her head! Had to distract her with Grandma's watch while I cleaned it up a little.
I decided it was too deep to leave (and the fact I was nearly sick looking into this "hole" ... felt like I was seeing her brain!) lol So I took her to A&E and they cleaned it properly, filled it with a special glue and put some little strips on it. Much better now - and so tidy. Heehee she's giving a funny look at me here because I told her to smile at me, but she was too busy having a snack!!
We've had quite choice weather this weekend actually! Had some serious hail storms. I took these photos about an hour after one storm.

Then after lunch we hustled down to the airport to wait for Daddy's arrival :-) He's here for a week, especially for Maddison's birthday next weekend :-)
Needless to say the kids were SUPER EXCITED to see him :-)

Maddison had to check that he had his 'eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, ears, etc.' just to make sure they hadn't disappeared since she last saw him LOL
This morning they were up early and very keen to get into our bed, but we snuck out to the kitchen so Daddy could have a sleep in since he's so very tired. These little cherubs sat in front of the heater while I got their breakfast.

We've still waiting on my sisters baby to make an appearance ... I daresay she's more over the waiting than we are! Definitely on the countdown now though as he/she is overdue! Maybe this week! Maybe even on Maddison's birthday LOL ;-)
Have some exciting things planned the rest of this week too ... but all subject to change of course, especially if the little one makes an appearance :-)


Serene Ho said...

what a scare you had! Hope Maddison is feeling ok now. Do take care and keep warm!

Penny said...

The picture of M in her plaits is so cute!!! Shame about the major owie. :( That glue stuff is really good though.

Maybe you need to get your sis on that motorbike.....

topkatnz said...

Yay Lyndon is here!! ... Madison looks sooo cute in her plaits ... but OMG about the dent in her head ... and they filled it with glue!!!Haha ... the mind boggles!!