Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love My Friends Award

My lovely IRL friend Penny has awarded me with this blog award.

The Love My Friends Award is given to those bloggers who aspire, inspire and share the most beautiful of human attributes: art, wisdom and friendship. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more.
Where do I start???? What a task to just pick 8!
I really have to give this award back to Penny, because she is just always there :-) Art, wisdom and friendship ... yep that sums it up! Thanks :-) (Oh and I am envious of her sewing ability too!)
Roanna - Another IRL friend who's always just there :-) She's very good at looking after my parents too! (Glad for that when I live so far away.) Enjoying catching up with her while I'm holidaying with my family.
Heidi - I've met her ... she's real :-) I enjoy her wit and creativity she blogs about. She's also very faithful at commenting on my blog.
Michelle - I've met her too ... she talks how she blogs hehehee. She's also faithful at commenting on my blog and is a generous person. :-)
Val - A workaholic/shopaholic/creative lady who just happens to own an on-line scrap store heheehee. Glad for her friendship and the fact that I can purchase scrapping goodies with a few clicks of the mouse LOL
Penny - in KL! She's way more adventurous creatively than me ... but that's cool ... I learn from that. Appreciate her friendship and enjoy her sense of humour.
Serene - I had the privilege of meeting Serene earlier this year and she's faithful at commenting on my blog too - even before we met.
Hannah - a blogging friend who I haven't yet met IRL yet ... one day maybe! Enjoy her blog and her beautiful scrapbook LO's.
Amazing who we met up with via scrapbooking isn't it! :-) Thankful for all who read and comment on my blog.


Penny said...

Oh thank you :) I think this time I won't pick 8 more people! ;)

topkatnz said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and words ... it was fab to meet up with you and sad to say goodbye ...

Serene Ho said...

Gee thanks Rachel! Most of all ... thanks for the friendship!