Friday, July 3, 2009

Chats, "Pizza" and "Glubs"

Just a few pics of the kids for Daddy :-)
This is them talking to him on Wednesday ... Aaron was talking to him on my cellphone and Maddison was following him around on a phone from the toybox!
When talking on the phone you walk around the house randomly, sit in a chair, then get out to turn the lamp on and sit back in the chair!
Walk around a bit more scratching your head and tell your father about anything that happens to catch your eye! LOL
And if your sister is really lucky she'll get a quick turn to talk as well!
But not for long, because BIG brother has such important news to share LOL

Today we went to a pet shop and Aaron called it a "pizza" shop and we're going to see the animals. :-) hehehee Lots of little birds to look at.

And lots and lots of fish.

Grandma bought them some "glubs" today as well. The kids think they are very neat. They need help putting them on though!

So that's us for today. I've been scrapping, but can't show anything yet :-)


Serene Ho said...

you guys are having so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

The way you described how Aaron chat with his daddy is so funny!!!

topkatnz said...

Awhhh ... that'll tug on Lyndons heartstrings!!

Penny said...

Ha ha!! That's so typical - my kids do that too with the phone.

Russell and Denise said...

Glad your back safe and sound. Was very neat to get to see and chat with you! Does look like your having a great time with your family. Glubs are very cute. If you still have your our e-mail could you send us your mums address? Have a little something to send your way. hugs!