Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eeek ... I've missed a week!

Time sure does go fast when you are in holiday mode :-)
Thursday 9th we had fun watching the kids get into Grandma's box of dressup's. Here's Maddison with hat & bag and off in her own little world before she put the shoes on LOL

My sister and her boys came in and Aaron and cousin M had fun with this track
And reading books together. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside actually to watch these two playing together and having so much fun, because when we were over here last November they did not get on at all! If it wasn't one it was the other antagonising each other!!! Amazing what difference 7 months makes to their behaviour! ;-)
Friday ... we discovered these two "playing" with their piece of luncheon sausage rather than eating it! Aaron informed me that had made "eyes" to see out the window with!! (all I could see was a great greasy slippy mess on the window lol)

Saturday 11th ... a friends 21st birthday party. I was asked to be photographer for the day which was kinda cool ... meant I didn't have to "participate" in the activities LOL
We had to meet at the beach at 9am ... it was 3.5degs C ...

The very brave (or very silly) actually went into the water. There was a prize for the best dressed hehehee. The 2 blokes with bare chests were Aussies (LOL), they ran in, got wet and ran out again very quickly. The others were "Southerlanders" and endured it for a bit longer. As for me ... I was VERY pleased I just had to click away with my camera!

It had warmed up to 4degs C when we left the beach to the seagulls.
Next stop was the Velodrome. This picture is to sort of give you an idea of the size of it. It's a pretty big track, I think the lady said four laps was a kilometre. First up the party goers practiced on mountain bikes, then they had a go on the race bikes and went "up the wall" heheee The racing bikes have fixed wheels and no brakes! Again I was glad just to be clicking the camera (I think I am showing my age hehehee).

Lunch was held at a hall and the little kids had fun on Grandma's little trikes :-) Maddison is pushing a little mate around here.

And these two young lads were very kind and gave Aaron and his little girl friend races up and down the hall ... there was lots of giggling and squealing heheee
And of course you have to do a bit of showing off! Like leaning way forward so the trike tips up.

Then laugh like mad because you fell off !!!

And he taught his little friend to do it too. hehehee
After lunch most of the party went on a bush walk while some of us stayed to clean up and set out afternoon tea. Which included such yummy things as these ...

Monday my sister and her boys came into town. We took the kids to Chipmunks :-) They had a blast.

They spent ages riding these trikes. The greatest fun for them seemed to be crashing into each other ;-)

Maddison enjoyed this little play house.
Tuesday Grandma, the kids and I went out to my sisters place again (trying to get in as many visits as we can before this new baby comes hehehee).
Grandma took the boys down to the beach again. The tide was way out this time. Last week we were walking on the rocks up the top of the beach.

The big highlight was seeing this big sea lion.

And of course the sand slide again :-)
The boys did some fosicking in the rocks on the way back to the van.
Aaron and cousin M with their sticks :-)
So that's me caught up ... well till yesterday anyway! And now I need to go and act as referee between my two little darlings and the domino set!!!


Penny said...

Ha ha!! Luncheon sausage window decorations!! :)

Cindy said...

Haha...Maddison really look like 'grandma' in those outfits. So cute!

Hannah said...

Good to read an update, Rachel. You are SO good at documenting every aspect of this holiday ... imagine all the layouts you can do!

topkatnz said...

Sounds like you guys are having a fun holiday ... hope so anyway!LOL ... time just seems to be racing past since we met ...

Mrs Frizz said...

Well you are definitely keeping yourself busy my friend.

I too would be passing on the dip in the sea ... OMG it's freezing outside, let alone contemplating taking a dip!!

And I really did go eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwhhhhh with the belgium on the window ... NOT FUNNY!!! I wouldn't have coped with that one and I'm honest!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I recognise the little 'girlfriend' and the little 'boy' being pushed, racing against Aaron - wouldn't be our M&M cousins? Love M&K&C&E

Serene Ho said...

Enjoyed your post so much! So much fun and laughter! Couldn't stop giggling looking at Maddison in "grandma's" clothing.