Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Adventures

Warning ... another photo overload!
Saturday ... we saw Henry the Tuatara. He was sunning himself so I was able to get a few photos.
Sunday ... saw Maddison trying on a friends HIGH heel shoes!! Very styley! hehehe
Yes she did actually walk a very short way in them before tumbling over!
Monday ... a VERY busy day! A bit of an overload for the kids actually. But we did have great fun :-)
We set of reasonably early in the morning to go to my sister's place (they live on a farm about 45 minutes away from my parents). Stopped at a friends place to drop something off and the van wouldn't start again! So we got a tow to the garage and he put a second-hand starter motor in and 50 minutes later we were away again :-)
Had to drive though this mob of sheep (Aaron talked about it for about 20kms afterwards!).
These next two photos are the view from around my sister & brother-in-law's farm. Beaut aye :-)

After lunch we watched cousins T and M riding their new little motorbike. So cute :-) This is T.
Aaron and Maddison watching in fascination :-)
This is M ... his little legs don't reach the ground, but he doesn't have much fear so that doesn't matter! :-)
Aaron with M's helmet on ... not too sure of things!
Did enjoy his ride though with me. (Yes the bike did cope with the EXTRA weight!)
Didn't like being on his own much though.
Farm chick glamor LOL ... with one VERY excited little girl hanging on tightly to my sleeves heheee She giggled nearly the whole time!
After that we went for a walk along the beach ... the tide was in but that didn't stop the kids fosicking for treasures!
Awesome ... pretty much at the southern most tip of the South Island.
An old tree well weathered was a great place for a photo shoot. Absolutely hopeless to get them all looking and smiling at the camera at the same time ... so they are doing what they do best! Maddison licking and chewing the sand from her hands ... Aaron pointing excitedly at the waves ... M and T have seen it all before so they were just watching Aaron's antics!!
Here I got them all to wave :-)
Can you feel the excitement?? ... the water nearly came up underneath them :-)
A bit further along there was a beaut sand slide! The pictures tell the story :)

Grandma was brave and took Maddison up three times :-)
Yep ... she thought it was great fun!
You do get a rather dirty bottom though sliding down! (And note the boots have been kicked off!)
And of course you have to try going down on your tummy just to make sure you have sand in every crevice!!
Heading back for afternoon tea.
At the beach closest to my sisters place we made dampers. Basically it's like a scone mixture you wrap around a stick, cook it over hot coals/embers and then pull of the stick, fill with butter and jam and eat :-) Delicious ...
Aaron cooking his.
Maddison eating hers amongst the smoke.
Oh bother ... jam is dripping out that hole!
The "townies'' enjoying their dampers.

So that's what we've been up to the last couple of days :-)


Penny said...

Man you guys are having an awesome holiday :) You'll be getting sand out of the kid's clothes and hair for days.... ;)

topkatnz said...

mmmmm loove damper ... Bummer about the Van saga!!!

Serene Ho said...

So much fun! It's really an exciting experience for Aaron and Maddison!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh I am lovin' all the photos and all the memories that are being captured!! YAY :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful sights!

fulltime mom

Hannah said...

Great photos!! What fun adventures you guys are having! I bet the kids will remember these things for a long time ... and just think of all the layouts you can do when you get home! ;-)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

OMG>. looks like grest fun! i so wish i was there..

Anonymous said...

At least you only have the 4 cousins on your side (for now :-) ) to get sitting still together. Great photos of them all exploring the beach together.
M, K, C & E xo

Chowchow said...

Beautiful photos Rachel and everything looks so fun...

Cindy said...

What a fun and adventurous outing!! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos with us, Rachel!