Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Catch Up!

Okay - Monday 22nd June I flew to Auckland and left the kids with my parents. It was a pretty nice day in Invercargill actually and I took this photo just as we were lifting into the air - I like the shadow of the plane on the right? :-)

Mountains someplace past Christchurch!

I had a good week in Auckland - got all done that I wanted to. On the Saturday I went out to Penny's (my IRL friend) to see her (from a distance sort of hehee) ... truly this is what the weather was like in the morning (late morning I might add!). So any North Islander that says Invercargill has terrible weather ... you just bite your tongue ... you don't know a thing! LOL
Monday 29th, I left rainy Auckland and had a stop over in Christchurch and my imaginary friend Heidi, became a real friend :-) She was very sweet and came out to the airport to spend a couple of hours with me. Was lovely to meet her in person. (hehehe Mum said the photos I took of us Heidi were advertising for Colgate!) LOL
Christchurch weather wasn't much either that day actually ... but it got better the further we flew down the Island ... you can just see the Clutha River amongst the clouds here.
Not sure exactly where these next couple of pics were but the landscape was cool and the clouds were disappearing.
I like the patchwork effect of the rivers, fences and hedges.
Lornville Freezing Works ...
Oreti River ...
Suburb where my parents live :-)
And the golf course ... told you it was a beaut day didn't I! Mum was driving towards the airport when she saw my plane circling to land and she pointed it out to Aaron. He watched for a bit then said ... "Grandma we've got a problem"! LOL (Meaning the plane would get there before he did hehee
So ... what did the kids get up to while I was away? ...
On the Tuesday (23rd) they got up extra early ... watched the sunrise and ...
both kids had a turn in a digger! MAJOR highlight of the week I tell you! (not sure if Aaron is picking his nose or chewing his finger nail here! Either one it's pretty normal behaviour for him LOL)
Taking control (well pretending anyway!).
Helping move the digger bucket.
And of course Miss Muffit had to have a turn too :-)
In the afternoon Grandma took the kids to the Queens Park to see the animals (I think they are holding hands here!).
On Wednesday they had a busy day too ... they had a trip to the $2 shop and Maddison got a doll and Aaron a Ferrari! Here they are at the end of the day ready for bed.
Aaron also had a crash on his trike so this photo is for Daddy to show off his bruise on his forehead and of course the Ferrari.
Monday 29th ... another beaut day with a ripper of a frost :-) Maddison must be blowing on her hands to warm them LOL
And the best bit ... Mummy came back :-)
Tuesday 30th we had visitors in the morning and they had a little baby (about 8 weeks) which Maddison took a shine too! She threw a complete tanty when they left and she had no "bubba" to hold! (Pity help my sister when she has her baby sometime in the next few weeks! Maddison will just take over LOL)
Cousin M came in for the day too and he and Aaron helped Grandma bake some pinwheel scones ... Aaron just doing a taste test of the sugar (as you do!).
VERY helpful :-)
So that's us ... I am nearly up to date! Off now to look helpful since tea is nearly ready :-)


Penny said...


LOL at Maddison's possession of the "bubba". :)

topkatnz said...

heehee ... your imaginary friend here!! ... well, it was quite funny taking our photo like that!!! ... it was really cool to catch up and chat...hope there was an excited greeting waiting for you in Invers ...

Cindy said...

Aww...nice photos of you and the kids!

Anonymous said...

love the picture of the kids holding hands and walking down the pathway... just simply awesome and definitely has so much scrapping value in it. take care and hope you continue to have a good holiday in invers (must be dreadfully cold!)

fulltime mom

Serene Ho said...

so so enjoyed your photo journal. Cute picture of Aaron and Maddison holding hands.

Helen Tilbury said...

This is so weird...I got a comment on my blog from Bee today...that I thought came from KL from my Traffic Feed info (her profile didn't say) then I left her a comment after saying "thanks for popping by" on her blog, then I clicked "send follow up comments"{ (as always if it's a blogger blog - easy) then I saw your comment & checked out your blog only to see you were from NZ. Having some dear online friends there I thought I would check out your NZ labels to see which part you were from as I have a NZ fascination LOL! Then I see a picture of Heidi staring back at me!!! I did a double-take but it has all fallen into place now...I remember her telling me about you & how you had moved & meeting you at the airport, really is amazing what a small world we live in & how easy it is to connect people to others!! Are you staying in KL or heading back to NZ & where do you "normally" live - ie North or South? Don't answer all that if I sound too nosy LOL (but Heidi can vouch for me that I am not a stalker ;-D)