Monday, July 27, 2009

Turning 2

(Sorry - photo overload!)
Oh Saturday this little poppet turned 2! I can't believe 2 years have gone so quick actually. Morning started off with the usual breakfast ...
with a bit of cheekiness thrown in!
Playing "noses" with Daddy :-)

And then the presents! ... Spot the gumboots LOL. For some reason she was trotting around in these for a bit hehehee A dolls pram from Nana & Grandad.
And a very special ladybug card (Maddison loves ladybugs). I like the expression of "WOW" on her face.
Card from J, R & cousin J. It had a picture of a kitten on the front and she calls cats "wow-wow" ... her language for meow heheheee That's what she was saying when I took the photo.

They gave her a book about sheep and she spent a while sitting on the step reading it :-) (out loud to her baby sometimes!)

We gave her a Baby Born doll and front carry pack.
I think she was pretty pleased with it :-)

Roanna's present had chocolate ladybugs on it! Maddison is counting them here :-) (four and five gets repeated alot)
There were socks in the parcel, she had a new pair on and we found her putting another pair on her baby.

Little friends G & Z in Auckland sent her some butterfly wings.
Lets just say we laughed a LOT watching her dance around heheheee :-)
A & R and cousins T, M & D gave her baby accessories.
M & K and cousins C & E gave her a book (she was actually trying to quickly shut the book here so cousins couldn't see it!!)
Grandma & Grandad gave her more baby accessories :-) (I hope we have room in our cases to cart all this loot home!)
And of course we had to have a ladybug cake!

Finally got that last candle blown out :-)
I had a muffin left over so made a little ladybug for her to eat all on her own! She attacked the spots first :-) (Chocolate buttons covered in 100's and 1000's)

Very nice :-)
Having one of Roanna's happy face muffins while attending to her baby :-)
She had a sleep after lunch and when she woke up (with major bed hair!) She spent some time inspecting baby D with cousin M.
This was so funny - cousin M was putting her baby on the potty (which plays a musical tune!) and Maddison was telling him to 'ssshhhh' because of baby D. LOL

Later on I caught her putting her baby in baby D's baby seat!

We had a lovely day and it was extra special having both sets of grandparents there (and Daddy of course!). :-)
If you have made it this far I think you deserve a chocolate! :-)


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Looks like she had a wonderful day. xoxo m.k.c&e

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Maddison! Looks like she had a fabulous day, and got lots of great pressies!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Happy birthday Maddison!!! Love all the photos Rachel :) Glad your having a wonderful time! Won't tell you I finished my stuff a while ago :) Haven't started on the Sept kit yet though ;) Had to get it all done so I had time for other things :)

topkatnz said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! wonderful to spend a birthday with the grandparents! love that Ladybird cake!

Penny said...

*takes chocolate* Ta... Nomnomnom.

Happy birthday Maddison - you are so cute!

Lovely pressies too - I can see babies are the toy of choice just like Lydia. L would die for a front pack.. must see if I can locate one (she has heaps of dolls already).
So cute about the shushing. ;)

The cake looks great!

Mrs Frizz said...

Wow that ladybird cake is super duper fabbo, so too is the special muffin ladybird.

Love that pic of little Miss M with the baby in the pack facing her ... too cute.

Happy birthday to little Miss M.

Serene Ho said...

Happy birthday Maddison! I'm very late indeed! But it's so nice to celebrate her birthday with the whole family and cousins. Just love her braided hair! All the dolly things may make her ask you for a real baby Rachel heh heh :). Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! Now I know what Maddison likes! LOL