Monday, July 27, 2009

New Baby Hugs

I knew Maddison would just love her new little cousin to bits! We went and visited my sister and baby D on Thursday afternoon while they were still in hospital and Maddison was so funny. She had a good poke at him while Grandma was having a hold then demanded to hold the baby herself and promptly sat on the floor with her arms out! LOL After she held him for a bit and Aaron was having a look too, she said very loudly "NO, AWAY" (meaning go away) to him! Obviously she thinks little baby D is hers! LOL

She did let Aaron have a peek at him though a bit later. ;-)

Here's big brother T having a hold on Saturday.

And little big brother M :-) heheeee (M and Maddison have fights over this new baby!!)

On Friday there was a bit of re-organising of Grandma's garden going on as well by 2 little people! Aaron was "replanting" the carrots from the vege garden up near the path by the garage door!

And of course there's no show without Punch! She does like to 'help'!!

I have been busy mucking about really! Enjoyed having Lyndon back for the week - it went all too quick. But we'll see him again in another 3 weeks or so, not so long apart this time :-)
I see Sharmaine has been busy and has finished her stuff for Scrap-n-Crop's August kit! HELP ... I haven't even started yet! Oh well, I have 4 days left I suppose :-) hehehee (nothing like putting myself under a bit of pressure).
Birthday post coming up, then I am OUT OF HERE ;-)

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Penny said...

ohhh... that second picture just slays me :) so cute!