Sunday, April 19, 2009

Techniques with Acrylic Minis

On Saturday I went to Scrap-n-Crop's Scrap.Abode for a class with Irene Tan. It was a techniques class with a little mini acrylic album. (Should have taken a photo of it in my hand to give you an idea of the size ... it's tiny - fits in my hand nicely!) I haven't used acrylics before, so it was lots of fun. I can see I might have to do some more of these in the future :-) heheee
So here's some pics of the little album I did. It's not quite finished actually because I didn't put the liquid pearls or silver stickles on the last bits of the album (you can see where I have smudged them where I did put them on during the class!!) so thought I would do it at home. I bought some liquid pearls, but didn't get the silver stickles because I thought I had silver kindy glitz that would do the trick! Ha, do you think I can find it! Must still be in storage in New Zealand! (grrr) so one day the silver stickles will get added, but it won't be this week!
This is the album all together.

The cover and the ring with embellishments on it.
Pages 2 & 3. The theme of the album was "gallery", so you could do whatever you liked. I chose photos of random shots around Akaroa (New Zealand) when were there last November.
Pages 4 & 5
Pages 6 & 7
Pages 8 & 9
And the back cover.
My cuttlebug got a work out. Love how this little album was thin enough acrylic to go through the cuttlebug. Such an awesome effect.


topkatnz said...

omg thats gorgeous R ... love hove it went through the cuttlebug! I would never have thought to do that!! ...

Penny said...

Cool! And so neat it went through the cuttleb. I've not yet had a go at an acrylic album though I like the effect.

Hannah said...

It's totally gorgeous! I'm sure it is even more amazing in real life. Like Penny I have not done a clear album yet but I do really love how they look.

Nilla said...

Did we not have fun? Yours mini turned out lovely! hugs from Nilla

hazel said...

cool album, cool techniques.. sad :( i missed the class, got to work.

angel gurl said...

beautiful album Rachel love it

Cindy said...

Nice...very vintage looking!

Serene Ho said...

wow...great job Rachel! Becoming an pro already!

LaY hOoN said...

Beautiful mini album.
Glad to meet you in the class.

thanks for sharing with us your cuttlebug.

Penelope Gan said...

Hey, I'll teach ya how to take projects manual mode with flash the next time you come ok? Make sure you bring your camera along ... no, no, nothing to be afraid of MANUAL mode and FLASH!

Val generally says "I am happy with 'Auto'!" and sticks her tongue at me - so, be more adventurous than her, please. :)