Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Smiley Blog Award

One of my on-line "imaginary" friends, Michelle very kindly gave me this blog award. Thanks Michelle, your blog makes me smile too!

As she says, we won't be "imaginary" friends for much longer, because when we are back in NZ in the next couple of months I am hoping we can meet ... and that I get to see her scrap room LOL :-) heheeee (I'll let you know if it really the mess that she says it is!!)
So I need to share this lovely award with 5 others ... hummmm that's going to be hard to narrow down because I read a lot of blogs that make me smile ... and laugh! So in no particular order;
Heidi - yeah I know you have already got it ... but that's only because I was slow in blogging it otherwise you would have got it from me first!! LOL Anyway I usually have at the very least a smile when I read your blog ... thanks for the entertainment :-)
Penny (NZ) - love seeing what you & yours have been up to and your writing and pics of your kiddos always makes me smile & laugh :-)
Hazel - Okay - I don't always understand what you have written LOL, but you have pics most of the time and they usually make me smile heeheee, and when you write in English I smile more because I can read it LOL :-)
Penny (KL) - I get a smile from most of your posts :-) I enjoy your sense of humour! Penny actually has 4 or so blogs she owns or "looks after" and they are all interesting reading ;-)
Janine (aka Angel Gurl) - I know Michelle has already given you this award, but you can have it from me too, because your blog really does make me smile! :-)


Penny said...

Why thank you :)

If you don't blog between now and Friday, have a great great time at Creative escape!

topkatnz said...

Many thanks ... I love your blog too!

Mrs Frizz said...

Enjoy your big creative escape ... I'm sure that you will have an absolute blast my imaginary friend - lol.

Tidying of my scrap haven will always be a work in progress ... lol!!!

Penelope Gan said...

orrrhhh.. cool! Thanks babe! Hey, have a blast in Singapore and make me really jealous ok? ;)