Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun in the Playground

First of all ... this photo is for you Daddy! If I can just repeat what Aaron said to me ... please note that it's in a "SHOUTING" voice!! LOL
"Look Mummy, a plane, see it? Mummy, see it? Better take a photo for Daddy!" heheeee, so here's the plane (and I have cropped the picture so you can sort of see the jolly thing). He was hopping up and down with excitement pointing ... you would have thought it was going to land in the playground the way he was carrying on :-)

This post is photo overload sorry ... so if you aren't Nana or Grandma and aren't interested in tons of photos of the kids then don't bother looking anymore :-) heeeheee (you have been warned!)

Maddison in her own wee world.

Before she hooned down the slide. (Yes she has to have her hat on because Aaron has his on!)

Aaron spends more time walking up the slide than sliding down it.

I believe he was telling Maddison to do something here (how unusual LOL).

I've made these pics small since there's a few of them ... but this is what the little miss does ... puddles in the fountain, picking out stones and licking them! Uewwwww ... disgusting. Actually I was just waiting for her to fall in .. she didn't though, so no photos (evil laugh). But spot the leg in the 4th picture :-) Elegance!

This photo she had just climbed to the top of some steps and she turned round and looked at me as if to say "well get on with it and take my photo!" So funny I had to laugh.
And here Aaron is laughing and pointing at Maddison (probably when she was puddling in the fountain).

This is pretty typical - Aaron chucks his ball in the water then hops, runs around the edge of the fountain.

So of course Maddison has to try that too (thankfully she wasn't doing the hopping though!).

And this is to show the pond of liquid fertiliser thanks to the turtles! Yuck (thank goodness Maddison wasn't licking the stones out of that pond!).


Oh and something else funny I have noticed Aaron saying today. He's been calling Maddison and I "Darling". :-) Totally cracks me up. This afternoon he was playing with his matchbox cars and woffling away as he does, then I hear "oh careful Darling, there's a corner there, watch out for the village, wow, so fast". LOL So we aren't that special after all! He calls his cars Darlings too! ;-)


Serene Ho said...

LLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLL! Rachel! i was overloaded with laughter! Love love love! to see pictures of Aaron and Maddison. And Darling ... keep them coming!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous pics, Rachel!! Your kids are so very cute :-)

Penny said...

Cuties :)

Tim thought Rod's name was Sweetie for a while cos that's what he heard me call him. ;)

topkatnz said...

heehee ... did the stones taste good??? ... well, you can tell a dedicated scrapper, when you are prepared to let your child lick bacteria, all in the name of a great photo opportunity!! well done darling ...LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

Love that photo of Miss M looking back at you ... and we can all be thankful that Miss M wasn't licking stones out of the turtle pond ... ewwwwhhhhhhh - disgusting!!!

A little advice - pack your winter woollies ... there's a real nip in the air already ... snow up the mountains in Central Otago I'm told ...

Darla said...

Your kids crack me up! Little Madison is so the cap! And Aaron is a hoot! "Careful, Darling!" heehee

miley Abraham said...

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