Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm still here

but where has the time gone? Can't believe that the first quarter of the year has disappeared and we are 7 days into April already.
It's been sort of quiet around here ... haven't been doing much these holidays actually. I've been scrapping a little bit, but not going to share them here. You don't need to see what all my relations look like (let alone the fact that they wouldn't want to be on here! LOL). I've done 6 pages though since I last blogged :-) Getting through that pile of photos. Feels good. Going to stop that though and work on something else now for the rest of the week (when I have time).
Aaron's getting very cheeky and if I am on the computer he tells me quite firmly to "get off Mummy, it's Aaron's turn, you go and work at your desk!!!" I think I have a bruise on my jaw from when it hit the floor the first time he said that.
Nana - this photo is for you ... Lyndon took a photo of Aaron when he was talking to you a couple of weeks ago :-) (probably telling you all about the "warries" no doubt!) LOL

Last Friday we went out for tea and I decided while we were at the mall to get Maddison's hair trimmed. I cut Aaron's hair myself, but that's fairly easy ... it's just a matter of zooming over his head with the trimmers, if you make a mistake, it's so short it doesn't really matter (heheee). But Maddison's a different story. I am not really comfortable with trimming her hair when she's so wiggly. Although I doubt I would do a worse job than what Aaron did. Here's a couple of pics of her in the rabbit chair. She thought it was pretty neat to sit up there and hang on. Didn't exactly keep very still though! I had to hold her head in my hands at one stage.

So her hair is a little bit shorter, but not much, just tidied it up a bit and hopefully all what Aaron cut will grow back real quick! The hairdresser was horrified heheeee, she kept shaking her head and saying "so short". :-)
I'm on the countdown for Creative Escape Works of the Heart in Singapore :-) Really looking forward to that. Just over 2 weeks away.
So on that note I will go and sort and print some photos for my next project. :-)


Serene Ho said...

I'm head over hills in love with Aaron's cheeky look! LOL!

Penny said...

:) Cute M.

angelgurl said...

what a cute idea on the chairs for kids at the hairdresser. Aww Miss M looks so cute. Aaron makes me laugh, I love his character. Enjoy the countdown to your retreat.

topkatnz said...

We each have our own computer in this house ... but still the kids line up to use mine ... prob cos it's on the most often ...LOL

Darla said...

Maddison is soo cute...