Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Escape - Part 2

Well actually this is probably part 3 ;-) Part 2 is still to come! Today's pics are from our last class with Tia Bennett. The kit included some digital things (which I haven't even looked at yet! gasp!) and we could make a mini album either in size 6x12 or 6x6. I chose to do the 6x12 one as I haven't done a mini album that size before. Oh the product in this kit was beautiful ... truly gorgeous. Prima goodness :-) heheee me like very much! We re- purposed the packaging that the rub-ons came in including the plastic bag! :-) You can see one of the pages has a scalloped edge that sticks out - that's the card backing of the rub-ons and the white clouds on one of the pages ... that was done by finger painting with white paint on the plastic bag then cut out once dry. Pretty neat effect. (More trash to save now! LOL)
By the way ... this album isn't finished - I still have to add some more photos and embellishments, but if you waited for me to do that you wouldn't get to see it for a couple of weeks!!! Oh and I added left over paper from Kah Mei's class to the album as well, so that's why I didn't have enough photos and embellishments hehehee.
First pic is of the kit, then the album with a couple of close ups of flower details.

Thanks for looking :-)


Anonymous said...

very nice!

fulltime mom

hazel said...

wow, you've been bz. A lot of fabulous pages. I like the blue flower. Did u add the center or it came like that?

topkatnz said...

ooooh ... gorgeous!!