Thursday, April 2, 2009


Aaron drew a portrait of Maddison this morning :-) LOL Hope she appreciates it in a few years time :-) I might even frame it ... but for now it's on the fridge!

I wrote her name and his with dots and Aaron traced them. He's getting neater!
I've been scrapping too ... done a couple of LO's with some Pink Paislee papers from Kinda Sweet I've had in my stash for a while! Again just using up photos in 'that' pile.
These photos of Aaron I have NO idea why I printed them. I can't remember the story behind them now! Anyway I decided to scrap them and maybe I'll remember something about it to do some journalling later! (Moral of the story here ... either write it down or scrap them a lot sooner!!)

More 2005 photos. Blurred Aunty's face (sorry Aunty!). Love that cake though ... still got a few more LO's to do from this party. :-)

Okay, off to stop the kids fighting over my craft punch collection! (didn't realise I had that many!)


*Edited to add Basic Grey accepted my 'Capture the Moment' LO from yesterday's post into their gallery :-)


topkatnz said...

Aarons obviously trying to make up to Maddison for cutting her hair ... she sure has got lucious lashes in that pic!! and awwhhh ... the teddy cake is sooo cute!!! ...

topkatnz said...

heehee ... todays code was glushi!! mmmmmmm... sushi made from Glue!!!

Penelope Gan said...

it;s ok 2 forget. my little boy friend looks adorable all the same. :)

Penny said...

Aaron's tracing of the letters is great - Tim is hopeless at it. I'm getting worried.

Cool cake :)

Congrats on another accepted LO!

Serene Ho said...

Aaron is becoming an artist! LOL
Congrats on making it to BG again!