Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

To our Darling :-) heheee Here's the cards the kids made for Lyndon - the cream one is from Maddison, the blue from Aaron and the green piece of "art work" is from Aaron :-) It was from my card scrap box and already had the spirals cut out of it. He just added the star punch, scribbles and circle embellishment.

Here's Aaron showing Daddy the card he made!
And them both "helping" unwrap his present.
And the birthday boy off to work with his cake. Too much to leave here and us eat it all! (My clothes won't thank me!) So his work mates can help scoff it :-)
Yesterday we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch with Aunty Irene and Rachel (another friend). I didn't get the camera out though till all the food was finished! Duh ... so here's the messy table :-)

Mr pop-eyes!
Aaron's got hold of the camera here! He likes cutting off heads for some reason! Or maybe he was getting a photo of his drink bottle!

Found this photo on the camera too ... not sure if this was Lyndon or Aaron ... Lyndon I suspect? :-) Aaron's turned his train tack into a racing car track!
Maddison getting Rosie & Thomas to kiss :-)


Kids are back to school this afternoon :-) I am hoping to get some scrappy stuff done. So I will scamper off now and get Maddison to bed for her nap and deal with the PILES of washing! (Where does it all come from???)


topkatnz said...

Happy Birthday Lyndon ... what was the pressie??

Penny said...

Enjoying all the pictures :)

Happy birthday Lyndon!

angel gurl said...

Birthday Lyndon. looks like a fun time was had by all. Love teh kids cards so cute. Miss M is growing up so fast and she is turning into a young girl, love her hair. Eww at the dragonfly close up (great photo by the way) and ugh at traffic jams. You have been scrapping up a storm and love the raw biikie dough shot there.