Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I want to join Rachel Greig in's ART RETREAT because ...

So who else has booked?? ;-)
My reasons for going are still the same (see previous post here), but check out what Rachel Greig said in the comments of Scrap-n-Crop's blog here ... there's even more incentive to win now :-) She's very generous ... a special goodie prize bag for whoever wins a 1-day pass to SnC's art retreat, plus there's other prizes to be won as well :-) Goodie Goodie ... I like goodies :-)
You can check out the details of Scrap-n-Crop's Art Retreat with Rachel Greig here and here ... and the details of how to win a 1-Day pass to this event are here.

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Penelope Gan said...

Too many! It's filling up.